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According to the ancient Greeks, Poseidon ruled the seas using his sharp newt to better hold off many marine agents. Entering the famous Giardini Poseidon in Forio, the largest thermal park of the island of Ischia, you pass under a huge statue of the god of the sea and reflecting for a moment on the immensity of the sea and the extraordinary power that God had to have, by testing awe.

Once you have crossed the threshold of the gardens, to the beauty and uniqueness of the place, the fear and the reference tested before the god are reduced and there is only the wonder of being in a divine place.
It's really strange what happens when you come to the Giardini Poseidon: who knows, can never find the right words to describe fully the uniqueness and stunning beauty, who goes there for the first time cannot imagine ever meeting in which large life experience meets, always believed that the words of enthusiastic who advised him to go to be exaggerated.
But as soon as you cross the entrance, you notice that those words were not quite enthusiastic and the Poseidon Gardens are more: it is the place where the divine and the human meet the ideal and divine perfection joins the reality of earthly things.
Body and soul rejoice finding relief, respectively, in the aura that the place emanates and in the hot springs of the twenty-two pools of the park.
In a short time you are enraptured by the frenzy to try the pools one by one and experience the effects, assaulted by irresolvable doubt of what is the best place to store your belongings because it always seems that there is a better one than the one chosen .
In the shade of the sun umbrellas where you have finally decided to stop, it is difficult, then, to choose from where to start, where to start on this great journey into wellness.
And here is the nice, Hamletic doubt that assails the visitor: is it better to start from the twenty-two pools with a temperature between fifteen and forty degrees or be first kidnap by the embrace of the god Poseidon in the clear waters of the private beach of the park? Is it better to start from Kneipp, with the alternation of hot and cold water, which promotes blood circulation and enter into the depths of God and cross the threshold of the cave in which there is a sauna that uses natural vapors local water, which at that point out to about ninety degrees of temperature?
And while doing this choice, which in any case will be apt, the eye is caught by the beauty of the surrounding landscape: the rocks of fire on the coast overlooking the gardens blend with the freshness of Mediterranean vegetation that covers Punta Imperatore, promontory that closes the bay of Citara and with its green sea is reflected in changing the color of a merger between the elements of great beauty.
And before you the sea, the vast blue expanse that laps the western side of the island, with its colors that change depending on the time of day starting from the soft shades and pastel of the morning to those intense ones, strong in the afternoon until those bright and unique of the sunset, when sky and sea merge around the fireball of the sun disappearing over the horizon.
Among the triumph of nature find their sublimation twenty-two swimming pools of various sizes and different temperatures, real strength of the place; tanks refilled every day to ensure guests of the park maximum efficiency and maximum healing quality possible.
All in accordance with the strict rules of the Integrated Quality and Environment which regulates emissions and provides a careful assessment of the environmental services in the park.
A respect for the environment and the natural beauty of the place and the lushness of the surrounding nature: from flower to flower to tropical plants, moving from the hills overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the green is the master and the smell of nature is strong and intense anywhere in the Gardens.
A perfume that often mingles with the delicious dishes prepared in the three restaurants inside the park, an ideal place for a tasty break between a bathroom and another: the typical dishes of the local tradition to the more elaborate and stylish ones, also throat finds the right fulfillment.
To whom, then, is not satisfied with only the healing qualities of the local waters have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of massages, from those draining to the invigorating massage with hot rocks that give the body relief.
As you can see things to do and experience are so many that the arrival of the sunset does not seem true that the day has passed so quickly and there will certainly be something that is left behind, then inevitably you will promise yourself to back and think about how to modify the program, so carefully prescribed, their vacation to find another day to devote to visit the Poseidon Gardens.
Meanwhile, the sun will go down and look into the eyes of the visitor, hypnotizing him before of such beauty, and when the horizon disappears and the colors will become more suffused, the outstretched arm of the imposing statue of the god Poseidon overlooking the park along towards the exit to the everyday life and toned limbs made lighter by the treatment received throughout the day will have a little gasp when will cross the exit of this divine place, so that you will promise yourself to come back.

by Antonio Castagliuolo

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