My Ischia: Music and Nature

My Ischia: Music and Nature

My first time on Ischia dates back to 1991. My chronic pharyngitis needed waters like those of Ischia, and the decision to make on where to go was easy to take. I, who always prefer the sea to the beautiful mountains, was able to inaugurate a new therapeutic experience combining marine vacation with thermal spa. I never imagined to meet so much beauty and history, breathtaking views, gastronomic havens, and extraordinary warmth of the people. But despite all this the following year I changed my destination. Moreover, this was a habit with my husband and the boys: the pleasure of the holiday coincided with the opportunity to visit and learn about different places every summer. It was the case of Alto Adige or Trentino, and for bathing places.


It was not yet the time to sing “stessa spiaggia, stesso mare”. Surely there was a red thread on preference for the islands and on the go there was the island of Giglio and Elba, Ponza, Sardinia.
An unexpected health problem accured in the spring of 2002. I was used to trust in my almost proverbial physical strength and how my body responded to my professional needs, I have been tested by a whipping setback that left me incredulous and stunned.
I have not told you that I am a musician, flautist to be precise, and the relationship with instruments - in my case belonging to the woodwind family - requires a strict discipline of daily study and an ongoing dialogue with the personal energy resources, both physical and psychic, in constant training. A delicate balance, in short, between being a bit athlete and a bit poet ...
I had to have a samll operation, it was very heavy to spend days pending the outcome of the usual examinations. The results were fortunately auspicious, but the stress overcame me, and for a whole month I was voiceless, an overwhelming dysphonia.
For the first time in my life I did not trust more than myself, I looked in the mirror and almost I didn’t recognize myself. What an alienating feeling! My view of the world was tarnished and turned into an insecurity attitude, loss of enthusiasm.
I felt the overwhelming need to escape from the routine, away from rain and moisture. I wanted the sun, the sea, the sound of wind, away from the madding crowd. Me and Nature.
Already the trip just to get to Ischia, with the final journey by ferry, I was just glad. Before my eyes the spectacle of the gulf, the opening towards the Epomeo profile, everything seemed to expect me.
It took very few days - diving in the blue sea, sun bathing and serenity that I felt in the spa - and a late afternoon, in the shower after the last swim in the pool at my apartment before dinner, I heard an inner voice like a deeper me that surfaced: « you can go to the beauty of life, you can return to live well. Do not worry».
You can smile about this my confidence but it was. And you cannot imagine my astonishment that quickly turned into joy, the look at the world returning curious that with confidence and energy back to stake me.
I had found my self again.
The beauty of considering a city, a place or a situation heritage of humanity does not consist only in an intrinsic, indisputable value – of artistic, historical, landscape. It should be able to take advantage of that beauty along with many others, and that everyone can perceive and understand the importance and uniqueness. Getting rich without impoverishing the generosity of nature, respecting and loving it, and making it known and to like it.
Ischia is for me a return to life as it should be. Coming back every time means renewing a trade between a small human being and the great Mother. What I get here is turned into energy that is expressed in all my activities when I play, teach, design, guess, love.
I’ll be back on October 9 to 16 at the seventh edition of the music courses organized by “IschiaMusica” in Forio. Founded by composer Corrado Pasquotti, like me in love with the green island and professor at the Conservatory of Venice, the association intends to propose a week of musical activities for young musicians from different parts of Italy, experiencing closely the beauty of Ischia. See you soon, then. Anyone who wants, I’m waiting for you!


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  • Surface: 46 Kmq
  • Hight: 789 mt
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