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Giardini La Mortella, Ischia: the 2020 autumn music calendar will start on Saturday 5 September

After the suspension of the spring-summer 2020 music season, due to the pandemic, the William Walton Foundation is pleased to resume its concert activity, presenting the autumn season of chamber music concerts to the public, under the artistic direction of Lina Tufano. Finally, you will be able to get excited again, get involved and enjoy the beauty of art and music thanks to the interpretations of many young virtuosos, surrounded by the magnificence of the La Mortella Gardens.


08 Concert Press

Giardini La Mortella, Ischia: the 2021 autumn musical calendar is underway

Giardini la Mortella, Ischia: the collaboration between the Walton Foundation and the Roman Philharmonic Academy continues at the Musical Meetings With the concerts on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September the prestigious collaboration between the William Walton Foundation and the Roman Philharmonic Academy continues with great public success at the Giardini la Mortella.


isola saporita

The tasty island

by Isabella Marino

"This morning we want to have a belly of figs!" King Ferdinand IV had not yet tasted them that year, although they were far from rare in the countryside of his vast estates. Therefore he had welcomed with particular pleasure the gift that the Chosen of the City of Ischia had wanted to give him for his first visit to the island in that summer of 1783. As a delegation, they had climbed on purpose on the royal pacbotto, at anchor in front of the Castle, to pay homage to the sovereign and the courtiers who accompanied him with those green delicacies, together with the other seasonal fruits to which the fertile volcanic earth of the island gave special aromas and flavors.


The tonnara and the last rais of the Tyrrhenian

by Graziano Petrucci

His motto, if it were in today's globalized market, would have been "tuna, now". They called him Minichiello, perhaps because he was short in stature. “Tonnava”, it is appropriate to say, in Lacco Ameno, from March to September and leaned on the house of her niece Carmela. He had seven children, four boys and three girls. He came from Procida. Even if today we buy it canned, Domenico Intartaglia went hunting for tuna and blue fish. It was the Rais of the tonnara of Lacco Ameno. Also called Arraise, it managed the fishing system that existed since 1743 and lasted until 1959, the year in which Domenico celebrated his 89th birthday. It was one of the last plants in the Tyrrhenian Sea, and he was the last Rais in the Gulf of Naples. 


Lightning and mahi-mahi

by Ciro Cenatiempo

The flash of the title is an illumination, linked to a special reflection, that of the rainbows of the dolphin that beats under the boat before giving up and letting itself be pulled up: it is a scenographic flash that becomes flashback and pun. As I like it. The dolphin fish has an iridescent, photomutable livery; an archaic face, very ancient and fascinates me in an unspeakable way: it is still captured with the so-called shadow fishing that uses palm trees and branches, and is one of the most popular and tasty (blue) fish known from the dawn of Mediterranean civilization and not only.


The endless search for Agarthi’s entry

Ischia and the Nazis linked to the Occult Thule Society, of which Hitler was an initiate. Attached in turn to the Green Dragon Society of Tibetan origin.

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