The oasis of Aphrodite, of beauty and well-being

Apollon The beauty of the places, the powers of the spa and health treatments, in high summer, reach their ideal in the Thermal Park Aphrodite-Apollon, on the southern coast of the island. A large garden featuring 12 pools of thermal water that comes from one of the most important and healthy basins, that one of the area-Sant’ Angelo in Maronti.

There are waters which are not treated with chemicals, restarted every day and extracted at different temperatures and depths through a system of wells which guarantees its purity. The  thermal basin from which the Miramare Sea Resort and Spa draws is indeed formed by ancient sources of Cava Scura, characterized by the caves dug into the tuff in which you can relax in the natural saunas. Clear water, brackish, flows at 76 degrees and it is common to another source, called Cava Grado fumaroles; and in some places it reaches 100 degrees. It is just the beginning of a regenerating  process. The spa inside the park is in fact the ideal retreat for those who want to relax and forget about everyday life, with the help of a team of professionals of care, massages and hospitality. The entrance to this temple is equivalent to rebirth. The fumarole in the doorway warns that once you arrive you enter a parallel world, unreal and fantastic. Its steam rises, stops before returning vigorous highest and live, welcomes you to the spa, the place where the hot breath of the volcano is turned into relief. The natural mud modeled with thermal water combines with the wild nature of the place. In a special atmosphere you can devote even exercise. The fitness center is the ideal place to tone up body along pathways studied by physical therapists, including rehabilitation and muscle toning. Pleasure and effort come together to achieve a new form and in a short time. For those who enjoy hiking in natural environments Nemo Point (a short distance from the Resort) performs explorations in snorkeling, to see up close the wonderful world of the southern coast with its prairies of oceanic Posidonia, rocks and ravines that are the natural setting in a rich and spectacular underwater paradise. Trips trekking instead await those who wish to visit the trails full of history, traditions and Mediterranean flora. But there’s more: the synthetic grass field overlooking the private beach of the resort, ideal for exciting challenges in court and minisoccer match. Breathing the perfumed air of the sea comes from  the Maronti bay, being careful not to get distracted by the fine line between sky and sea, or by the presence of Capri and the Sorrento Peninsula in the background, challenges arise between friends, in a mix of joy and physical effort. And then? Still relaxing. For example on the rock of Miramare: a platform cut into the volcanic rock that characterizes the coast of Sant’ Angelo. In front of the beach Maronti and Capri ... Being out of the world, is one step.

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Info on Ischia island

  • Surface: 46 Kmq
  • Hight: 789 mt
  • Lat.: 40° 44',82 N
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