The harvest of thought, clusters of philosophy among people

NietzscheFrom September 24 to 27
I had not thought of anything in recent months in Ischia. The fresh air of September (its blame!) is famous for outbursts obvious, of evocative power, dictated by the first freshness after the heat of summer. In the air, you breathe fig leaves that inevitably after the first storms through their unmistakable scent, remembering the harvest, the barrels to narrow with the seawater, in Ischia Ponte, where they are placed, filled, touched, caressed. The streets meet small rivers of water mixed with Dionysian remains of soft and acres smells at the same time: it is harvest time!
Just this week, last year, was realized the idea of the Festival of Philosophy, my constant thought. “Philosophy, the Castle and the Tower”, a strong headline and seemingly irrelevant to the event but from a point of view purely tourist.

But not. Therefore, it is possible to highlight certain places, the island, but even more its conceptual value: philosophers have lost their point of contact with reality - I thought - and it is time to abandon their strongholds, their towers, their fences to return to the people. That is the title, its explanation, the abandonment - of the philosopher – of the ivory tower. Like wine, so in September, the philosopher leaves his home to begin a long journey towards the square, among the people.
Certainly few people know that the philosophy is all that each of us, although able more or less, has a philosophical way to be delivered to the other, to the land, to their children. The philosophy is a pedagogical means, a constant reflection mirror of itself.
After years of experience in a foreign land - I thought - it would be nice to bring in Ischia a dream, if only to undermine the persistent idea that we, young, abandon the island. And why? Sometimes the island leaves us! Giving themselves a challenge between the roots and the dark evil of their memberships is amazing. “You young people go away! None of you brings experience here!” There it is! All dedicated to the island and philosophy, earth, children, young adults.
Making Ischia a nerve center where people talk about philosophy, but more importantly, where people do philosophy is a gift made from the island to the island and all the people who choose Ischia.
They were so many to join the initiative: 60 speakers from around the world. Perhaps philosophy really needs to change. Has the philosopher to get involved - as Nietzsche unconsciously prophesied - and go down from the summit to go towards downstream to the streets?
What does the philosopher alone? What is philosophy? Because those who study philosophy does not find a field of action defined workplace, but fleeting. Who really knows what the philosopher does?
If the inscription “in vino veritas” will prove us right, so much the better a festival of philosophy to accompany the vintages of thought, conceptual regeneration of one's self, to direct the philosopher to a professional safer future.
Knowledge, if ferments and if stored properly, in the right place with care, becomes universal. It does not increase its quantity, but refines the quality. Like wine.
From September 24 to 27, we welcome philosophers and accompany them to the streets. We ask them who they are and what they do. During the conference, we will talk about love, friendship, art of living and the island. It was what I wanted for my island, for philosophy.
However, we must pay attention not to seek the truth too. If this in fact live among September sugars, between the drops wine, does not lead to knowledge: “Vina Liques!”

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