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Cover ischia4seasons autumn 2016When I talk about the nature of Ischia, between land and sea, I naturally think of paths in the woods, remains of hundreds of years by humans and animals, in succession and alternation between day and night, sharing the subtle trails we now call “paths”. We go on walkways that hunters, farmers, ranchers and gatherers have already explored, and continue to do, in the name of a beautiful ethics resistance: the echo of their steps seem to be heard when clambering through the evergreen spaces of the island heart, waiting to catch a glimpse of a rare botanical plant, hear the flutter of a buzzard, and the shadowy rustle of a wild rabbit, the rustle of a snake that touches the ferns, between snails and porcini mushrooms.

Similarly, if, on board of a goiter, I follow the coastal routes, I feel the vibrations of the sea where others have fished, and continue in their launches of nets and fishing lines, waiting for the miracle of a shoal of fishes, or a close encounter with huge intelligent inhabitants, the cetaceans, which in our sea - as always - feed and reproduce in the majestic thermal mineral habitats outlining the miles that run not far from the tuff cliffs, the emerging rocks.
To begin to get involved in this scenario, I first chose to go back to playing with an unusual appearance, the magic and fantastical world of fairies and elves, before the contribution signed by Pino Macri: it is an excellent and comprehensive overview on fungi that certify climate and natural environment. Then, I asked Graziano Petrucci to reinterpret, with a short and intense story, the charm that emanates through the sighting of a sperm whale, a beast that has marked our collective imagination for a long time. Just two examples, and bind ideally in a memory of Nicola Pascale, taken from “Sotiro”, his book dedicated to his father, that once again reiterates the “naturalness” of the summer of yesteryear right now, when our long hot season begins to change into autumn warmth. Here we can remember that benevolent nostalgia, the same that drove Pietro Russo put in box set, including texts and images, an exclusive super-volume: a great love for Ischia. Ours.

by Ciro Cenatiempo


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Info on Ischia island

  • Surface: 46 Kmq
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