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Innovation in tradition, this is the main stream that drives the thirty-third edition of the Ischia International Journalism Award. The award opens as usual on July, during the three-day event, the world of journalism debates and questions about the future of information and the international economic crisis. Not surprisingly, the International Prize was awarded to a most famous world economic newspaper journalist.

The winners of this year are Martin Wolf, Maria Latella, Massimo Franco e Paolo Graldi. This was decided by the jury composed by Luigi Contu, ANSA director, Virman Cusenza, “Il Mattino” director, Marco DeMarco, “Corriere del Mezzogiorno” director, Giuliano Giubilei “TG3” vice director, Roberto Napoletano, “Il Sole 24 ore” director, Antonio Martusciello ‘Agcom’ Commissioner, Giuseppe Marra, “Adnkronos” president, Clement Mimun, “TG5 director”, Mario Orfeo, “Il Messaggero” director, Gennaro Sangiuliano, "Tg1" vice director, Mario Sechi, "Il Tempo" director, Alfonso Ruffo, “Il Denaro” director, Sara Varetto, “SKY tg24” director, Antonio Verro, RAI Directors adviser, Giovanni Maria Vian "L'Osservatore Romano" director and Carlo Gambalonga, Secretary General of the prize.

Martin Wolf, Financial Times columnist and professor at Oxford University, was chosen for the authority of his analysis on the current global financial and economic situation, Maria Latellahas been recognized for its success with her transmission ‘L'intervista’ on Sky, Massimo Franco for his timely political commentary from the columns of the ‘Corriere della Sera’, while the ‘Ischia Lifetime Achievement Award’ was awarded to Paolo Graldi, already ‘Il Mattino’ and ‘Il Messaggero’ director.

Even this year with the sponsorship of the Institute of Sports Credit, has been awarded the Ischia Prize for sports information, awarded to Donatella Scarnati, Tg1 special correspondent, the first woman to appear regularly and during the communications of 90° minute, she told about the true feelings of the sport. Besides sport, she attended several events of news in Italy and abroad. Two special awards were attributed also to Vera Montanari and Pierangelo Maurizio. Vera Montanari, director of the weekly Grazia,combines the journalistic quality talent for a unique and original look in fashion and style.Pierangelo Maurizio, tg5 special correspondent, awarded for the daily dedication to the pursuit of truth in unsolved cases and investigations about the great Italian mysteries: the massacre of Piazza Fontana, the Calabresi case to the murder of Elisa Claps.

A section of the Ischia Prize 2012 will be dedicated to young people: a scholarship, sponsored by Coca Cola HBC Italy, named “Maria Grazia Di Donna”, a journalist who died prematurely, will be assigned to a student of the University “Suor Orsola Benincasa” of Naples. Greater attention also to the network with the prize carta blog, that this year is made, with Vedrò, Contesto e il Manifesto. The ceremony of the Ischia Prize XXXIII edition, under the patronage of the President of the Republic, with the patronage of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of International Cooperation and Integration (Department of Youth), and with the support of the Region Campania and Naples Chamber of Commerce will be held at the Piazzale del Soccorso in Forio, on Saturday, June 30 and will be fully recovered from the cameras of RAI UNO. The gala will be held in the picturesque scenery of the Soccorso Church in Forio d'Ischia, location shooting will be conducted by Tiberi Tiberi and Nancy Brilli. Ischia Award is not only culture and journalism, but also elegance and haute couture with beautiful models that will accompany rewarders and prizewinners on stage and wear the finest creations of the Empire Couture fashion house, the main sponsor of the initiative. The elegant collection of fashion house, headed by designer Luigi Auletta will launch in September a temple of luxury with the new offices in Siné, Aversa. RAI RADIO during the days of the Prize, broadcasts events with special radio on the networks of RAI RADIO WEB.

Ischia Journalism Award Program 2012

Program XXXIII International Ischia Prize for Journalism

Friday, June 29

At 17,00 Sala Azzurra - Hotel della Regina Isabella, Lacco Ameno

“Giornalismo e comunicazione nell’era dei Social Network”

  • Paolo Peluffo, Secretary of State for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.
  • Alessandro Magnoni, Director of Communications and External Relations Coca Cola HBC Italy
  • Valentino Parlato,Il Manifesto columnist
  • Maria Latella, Ischia journalist of the year for television Moderator
  • modera: Virman Cusenza, Il Mattino director

At 18,30 Sala Azzurra - Hotel della Regina Isabella, Lacco Ameno

Big events and communications, such as opportunities for the territory?

  • Roberto Arditti, Communication and Marketing Director Expo2015
  • Maurizio Maddaloni, Chamber Commerce Naples president
  • Giovanni Malagò, managing director Sa.Mo.Car. group
  • modera: Paolo Graldi, Ischia Award for lifetime achievement

Saturday June 30

At 17,30 Sala Azzurra - Hotel della Regina Isabella, Lacco Ameno

Economy: the European crisis

  • Martin Wolf, Ischia International Award
  • Enrico Letta,think net veDro’ founder
  • Adolfo Urso, Fondazione Fare Futuro president
  • Roberto Napoletano, Il Sole 24 Ore director
  • Luigi Contu, direttore ANSA
  • Gianluca Comin, Director of External Relations Enel
  • modera: Sarah Varetto, SKY TG 24 director

Delivery of the scholarship winners journalistic "blogs of paper." In collaboration with Manifesto.Vedrò, Contesto and il Manifesto.

Ore 21,00 Presentation Ceremony of the XXXIII International Ischia Prize for Journalism Piazzale del Soccorso, Forio shot by RAI UNO,and broadcast on Saturday July 7, at 22,40.

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