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Ischia and the cinema

Vacanze a Ischia

Ischia, you know, is one of the most sought destination for tourists and travelers, and is visited by more and different types of visitors whose interest certainly comes from the incomparable beauty of the island.

But, in addition to the natural setting, what has contributed to the charm of this island? Why over time, has Ischia become the territory of election for the cinema? Why have so many filmmakers chosen to set their shots?

Ischia, has always been a name that evokes myths, magic, memories and places whose the cinema has always interested. On the other hand, it offers filmmakers the opportunity to set almost any plot in a quiet island, scenery more disparate in the production of films: tales of adventure, love, mystery, comedy, drama, history.

In many of the films shot in Ischia, film producers, who have used more or less throughout the island for their shots, they spent more time in some places, which deserve special attention, because of their being "postcard places”. The cinema, in fact, has on a particular audience suggestion, the illusion of reality that characterizes it. In this sense, the location is of paramount importance for the shoot. In Ischia, for example, the massive Aragonese Cstle, an architectural complex of great value, harmoniously integrated into the landscape of which it forms part, becomes a symbol of battles, adventures, love, myths and legends, which took place in different eras.

Of no less importance is the“Soccorso Church” of sixteenth-century invoice, which together with the “Torrione” is the symbol of the town of Forio. It is one of the most unique architectural remains of the island favorite place for filmmakers to the phenomenon of "Green Flash", one of the more attractive that nature has to offer our eyes and is in particular weather conditions for one or two seconds, at the sunset.

Another isolate place, repeatedly used for filming, is the village of Sant’Angelo, a delightful site of Mediterranean colors, the houses huddled together, animated streets until late at night and sent a promontory that rises in the sea a few meters from the village. And then there is the legendary Fungo, symbol of Lacco Ameno.

An agency on the island that was involved in locations and casting film and TV, is "L’agenzia Ischia Film", whose creator was Michelangelo Messina. The idea was born to a passion for the cinema, in order to preserve historical memory, now dispersed in the minds of the elderly, and is also a support structure, which, in addition to helping the directors for their shots, showing images of the most interesting places, movies and stories, also supports the film and television productions.

The film production goes on, one of the last films shot in Ischia, directed and starring by Leonardo Pieraccioni, is entitled "Il paradiso all’improvviso”, and used as locations, the whole island, seeing places not yet explored by the islanders, such as, for example, an inlet located under the forest of Zaro. For the first time in his career as a director, Pieraccioni moves to the south, and the film is a great opportunity for advertising. Also in 2003, for fans of the soap opera "Un posto al sole", Ischia becomes the location for several episodes. Between one shot and another, actors obviously have not given up a little tan and bathing in the beautiful island.

The location has just a little changed, but the island of appeal has yet to express much. In short, the set is ready, and willing directors to set their stories on the green island there more than one!

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Info on Ischia island

  • Surface: 46 Kmq
  • Hight: 789 mt
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