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Gynecological diseas


A valuable aid to combat gynecological problems comes from the thermal waters rich with minerals. Baths, pelvic mud, vaginal douches and local aerosol raise problems of many chronic inflammatory disorders such as adnexitis, vaginitis, the results of surgery, pelvic inflammation, sometimes contributing cause of some forms of infertility. Spa treatments are also excellent in the treatment of infections and candidiasis. The well-being of women is put in the foreground, and the atmosphere and the relaxed atmosphere contribute to the benefits that the thermal waters bring to therapy gynecology.

Thermal waters, a valuable aid

The inflammatory diseases are now more frequent than in the past, and this is due in part to increased sexual promiscuity, combined with the use of contraceptives, tampons and antibiotics. And the onset of these disorders also involves abstention from work, difficulty in social relationships, as well as sexual problems internal to the couple. Here are the Baths can be a great help, just with natural cures. In all cases cited, the bathroom salt iodine is recommended as a treatment base for its anti-inflammatory and decongestant due to its complex mineralization.

The thermal bath acts in hormone levels, improves blood circulation, decreases the sensation of pain. In many cases, its action is supported by the applications of localized mud, called "pant". At the local level are used instead aerosols and vaginal irrigations, charged with Mother water, ie water salt-bromoiodic deprived of sodium chloride, at 37-38 degrees. The elimination of sodium chloride accentuates the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action of other salts, among which bromine and iodine. The vaginal irrigation is not only a lavender inside but also reactivates the microcirculation and acts as an anti-inflammatory and decongestant. The vaginal aerosol instead, thanks to the presence of water particles with diameter less than microns, has the property of spreading the benefits of thermal water in greater depth returning tone to the muscles of the pelvic diaphragm and improving the resistance of the pelvic connective, useful for the prevention of prolapse. The anti-inflammatory action at the level of fallopian tubes and ovaries, is also useful in tubal dyskinesias, in diseases adhesions and uterine fibroids.
It ?s good to know that for these disorders the National Health Service includes a series of 12 baths and 12 vaginal irrigations, once a year, to be made in the spa of your choice. It?s just be prescribed by family doctor treatment cycle on the recipe.

Everything to feel always well and be efficient at all times of the day.


Chronic inflammation (vulvovaginitis, parametriti, anessiti) some forms of secondary female infertility

Vaginal douching and aerosols mud pants

Anti-inflammatory antiseptic and decongestant action to regularize detergent and normalizing the endocrine functions related

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