My islands and ... “The conquest of Matterhorn”

Foto Cervino 1 On September 18 at the Castle
Ischia, the Aragonese Castle.
Another port for my ship.
Yes, my love for Ischia, for the sea, to the South and my stay more than thirty years in the Valle d'Aosta continue to be felt. I visit the island since 1973, when I came to do my representation in Ischia Ponte with Tino Buazzelli, a great Italian actor. Since then I come on the island every year for the need to recharge. The smells, the colors and the people they captured. Ischia is a magical place. Margherita Ivaldi, Asti Master, Giuseppe Iodice, “maitre” of Casa Gerardo, Mariolino Capuano, painter of Pinocchio and again Nicola Mattera a gentleman driving the Castle are my companions in this fantastic journey.
And so the idea of putting on a show that talks about the mountains bringing together two worlds so different and magical at the same time, fulfilled a dream of my life: to bring the theater, my theater, in the most distant of my cultural roots. I am man of the Turin Hills I stage the meeting of the Matterhorn, one of the most beautiful mountains in the world with the island of Ischia, almost a meeting at Teano, a tribute to the Vesuvius.

In addition, in this 2015, the year of the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn (1865), I could not be there with my last theatrical creation here in Ischia, after bringing the show to Milan EXPO 2015 in Carignano in Turin and at the foot of the Matterhorn for its celebrations.
I believe it is my destiny that the islands go with me in this continuous journey, moreover also the Valle d'Aosta is an island, an island of sanity in the mountains. In addition, it is the story of one of these mountains that I tell in the Church of Assumption on September 18 in the Aragonese Castle, also sponsored by the CAI of Ischia. The ascent of the Matterhorn is one of the biggest challenges that the climbing history remembers. Jean Antoine Carrel, the soldier, the leadership of Valtournenche, after fighting on the battlefields of the Italian Risorgimento, once made Italy, is located before the last battle: the conquest of the most beautiful mountain in the Alps.
The story traces the stages of the challenge, climbing and defeats. Therefore, the finish line approached gradually. Until that July of 1865. In the stories is written also the future of a valley and a population. It is a choral story, just as the stories of the Risorgimento or the great epic. Therefore, around Carrel and Whymper remember Aimé Gorret and Quintino Sella, Professor Tyndall and the victims of the first descent from the summit. The climb, fatigue, death, friendship and goodwill. All this lives in the pursuit of climbing to Becca, in the run-up to those 4,478 meters above sea level, from where “you hear those singing angels”.
Then ... the horizon is still before my eyes, the spectacle of the Matterhorn continues. Like a wave that goes and picks, I am waiting on the beach with shells to the ears and eyes to the sea, ready to hear the echoes and references of new theatrical moments.

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