Your wedding at Hotel Delfini

Your wedding at Hotel Delfini

Nestled in the beautiful bay of Cartaromana, located in the Municipality of Ischia, in front of the Aragonese Castle and the seat of the Roman city submerged Aeanaria. Cartaromana is the ideal location to celebrate one of the most important events in life.


romantica wedding

Romantica Wedding,the location most beloved by the couple of Ischia!

The Park Hotel & Terme Romantica is set in an exceptional location in the exclusive resort of St. Angelo, with breathtaking sunsets that seal the end of the day. It is a versatile location suited to hosting ceremonies of all kinds thanks to its spaciousness and the multiple solution.



To get married at Hotel Torre Sant'Angelo

Few weddings every year can enjoy the special and unique location of the Tower of Sant’ Angelo. The Residence, with privileged views of the precious village of Serrara Fontana, resumes in its dishes the taste of the sea, which surrounds it.



Your wedding at the Hotel Tritone Terme Resort & Spa

A unique moment with love and care of a family thanks to the presence of a specialized staff: in short, Hotel Terme Tritone & Resort s.p.a that has years of experience, passed down over time. Nothing is left to chance: to the personal choice of the menu to the decorations.



What it means to prefer one color to another

This time instead of trailing and bouquet I thought I’d relax and play the role of guest telling you about the last wedding, organized by Nuages Eventi, which I particularly liked. The theme was that of colors, which includes a beautiful message, which goes beyond the exasperation of hobbies and personal tastes which often require all coordinated.



An alternative wedding

When I'm in a waiting room I like to browse old magazines and newspapers, with the hope of recovering the news and gossip or news that I missed. I opened Vanity Fair, as you do with The Big Book of 1,000 responses, and my eyes ended up on an article by Matteo Mafuggi that talks about alternative weddings. I thought: that’s just for me!



A marriage between green and glamour

We know that the most exciting moment in the fateful ‘I do day’ is that long, interminable ascent to the churchyard. It's the time of waiting, of the many questions and few answers. It's the time in which among many things to look at, the only one you can see is him who waits smiling and secure on the altar.



Ironic, elegant, but simple

It is just when relationships do not seem to go as you hope, when divorces arrive and the family grows, you feel the need to live the fairy tale, like a movie Happy Ending. For my third imagery marriage (unless you’ve lost count, and so must ask for alimony to her ex-husband that I missed), thanks to ...


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Info on Ischia island

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