How to get Ischia

By car

raggiungere-ischiaFor those prefer to travel by car, once arrived at the highway exit, one should follow the directions to reach the by- pass of Naples and then continue in the direction toward Pozzuoli up to the junction Via Campana.
Follow the signs to the port of Pozzuoli (departures Medmar Caremar), or (recommended) to the highway exit "seaport, or Naples port", if you have the reservation (recommended) you can access directly from the port gate Bausan completely avoiding the city traffic and follow the signs for Calata Porta di Massa (departures Medmar Caremar). Other access gate to the port of Naples is Varco Pisacane, reachable from Via Marina, with dedicated access and parking areas. For those who want to leave the car parked on secured parkings to embark by hidrofoils from Napoli Beverello or by ship from Calata Porta di Massa.

By train

alta-velocitaArriving by train you can go down to the station of Mergellina which is about 300 m from hydrofoils embarkation, the Central Station located in Piazza Garibaldi, which is about 2 km from Calata Porta Massa and Beverello (ferries, fast ferries and hydrofoils).
The Port can be reached by Taxi, The departures of the buses to the port (Piazza Municipio, Piazza Castello, Marina) are served every 10 min., while the tram every 15 minutes.
Line 1oftheMetrofromNaples Central Station to PiazzaGaribaldiandthesecond stop, toPiazzaMunicipio, is theclosesttoMoloBeverelloabout 5minutes by walk.

firstrace from Piscinola at 6.00 andfromGaribaldi at 6.20
last race fromPiscinola at22:22and from Garibaldi at 23:02
Garibaldi WEEKDAY  Piscinola WEEKDAY Garibaldi FESTIVE Piscinola FESTIVE
06.20 - 06.40 every 20'
06.40 - 21.44 every 8'
21.44 - 23.02 every 14'
06.00 - 21.04 every 8'
21.04 - 22.22 every 14'
06.20 - 06.40 every 20'
06.40 - 14.40 every 10'
14.40 - 18.43 every 12'
18.43 - 21.44 every 10'
21.44 - 23.02 every 14'
06.00 - 14.00 every 10'
14.00 - 18.03 every 12'
18.03 - 21.04 every 10'
21.04 - 22.22 every 14'

Train + Hydrofoil

With one ticket you take the train, the shuttle and the hydrofoil! With a shuttle bus service you will be taken directly to your boat dock to start your trip by hydrofoil to Ischia. Also returning will find the shuttle bus to Beverello you drop-off service at the station. For more info click on

To purchase tickets online visit

 By Plane

alitaliaArriving by plane at Capodichino Airport, you can reach the Beverello (hydrofoil departures, Alilauro, Caremar and Snav, distance 16 km, time about 20 min. along the highway and Via Marina, 10 km, or about 27 min. through the center) or Mergellina (Alilauro and SNAV hydrofoil departures), by Taxi or bus.
A shuttle bus(Alibus) connects the airport to Beverello, P.zza Municipio where a bus connects to Calata Porta di Massa, ship departures (Medmar Caremar). The shuttle bus leaves every 20 minutes. starting at 06:30 until 23:30.


transferThe transfer from the airport or train station is the best way to reach Ischia for those traveling by train or plane. The transfer usually includes the passage from the airport or station to the port of Naples, the sea passage by boat or ship and transfer from the port of Ischia to the hotel or apartment chosen for the stay.
The price varies depending on the number of people and can be purchased directly at the hotel reservation.


Sea Transportation

aliscafoIschia is connected to the mainland by an intense network of sea connections by ferry, which also allow the transport of cars and motorcycles, hydrofoils and catamarans.
To know the updated timetable, routes and fares please see the website: Marittime timetable



Cars and bikes embarkation prohibitions

divieto-accessoThe embarkation prohibition varies from year to year. It starts at Easter and ends in September. It interests cars and motorcycles with plates of Campania and drivers resident in Campania. For updated information, click on: Embarkation prohibition

Urban Transportation in Ischia

eavbusThe bus service serves the whole island. It starts at 4:30 AM and ends at 1:00 PM, every 10 to 20 minutes about.
To know the updated timetable, routes and fares please see the website: Bus Times and Routes in Ischia.


Traffic limitations on the island of Ischia

From time to time on the island of Ischia in summer (from June to September), are taken a number of limitations to the passage of private cars, to protect the tranquility of historic centers and the free flow of vehicular traffic.
All the major tourist centers become pedestrian areas, Ischia Ponte for only a few hours a day, allows vehicular traffic, the same applies to the center of Ischia, Forio Forio and Ischia. Sant'Angelo is completely pedestrian except for electric carts for the transport of goods and the handicapped, Casamicciola Terme has created permanent pedestrian, shopping and leisure area. The prohibition of landing limits the landing of vehicles movement of residents on the island of Ischia in Campania. The creation of large pedestrian areas, the lack of parking, the physical limit of a disproportionate growth of land transport on road, are pushing local governments to regulate with the limitations and prohibitions of vehicular traffic on the island.
Now the island offers a very efficient bus service, although insufficient to ensure quality growth and sustainable tourism. Unsatisfactory, it is instead the taxi service, poorly governed by individual local governments. We strongly recommend tourists who want to spend nice days of fun and relaxation on the island of Ischia, to opt for a holiday without a car, to reach the island if you arrive by train or by plane to buy a transfer to the hotel or apartment of your choice, to avoid disappointment, we will also arrange transfers to reach the destination in the shortest possible time, without thinking and with significant savings!

Intermodal service from Rome... to ISCHIA, CAPRI and PROCIDA

La partenza è prevista alle ore 9.00 da Piazza dell'Indipendenza a Roma all'angolo di via Solferino. Il raduno per l'imbarco è previsto alle 8.45. Prima di arrivare al porta di Napoli l'assistente di  viaggio consegnerà le carte di imbarco per accedere direttamente agli aliscafi, evitando la fila alla biglietteria del Porto di Napoli.


Ischia Porto, adults € 51,60 per route, children 1 to 12 € 31.90 per way
Casamicciola, adults € 50.60 each way, children from 1 to 12 € 31.90 per way
Forio, adults € 52.70 each way, children from 1 to 12 is € 32.40 per € 2.00 luggage / trolley

- From Rome to Ischia Porto: 9.00 (bus) 12.10 or 12.50 (Alilaurohydrofoil), arrival in Ischia 13:00 or 13:50; Returning from Ischia Porto at 16:40 (Alilauro hydrofoil) arriving at Beverello at 17:30, connecting flight to Rome (bus) at 17.40 and arriving in Rome at 20:00 (estimated).

- From Rome to Ischia Forio: 9.00 (bus) 12:05 (Alilauro hydrofoil)), arrival in Ischia at 13.00, returning from Ischia Forio at 16.30 (Alilauro hydrofoil) arriving at Beverello at 17:30, connecting flight to Rome (bus ) at 17.40 and arriving in Rome at 20:00 (estimated).
- From Rome to Capri: 9.00 (bus) 12.40 (hydrofoil FPM), arrival in Capri at 13.30, returning from Capri at 16.30 (hydrofoil Lmp) arriving at Beverello at 17.30, coincidence to Roma (bus) to 17:40 hours and arriving in Rome at 20:00 (estimated).


For more detailed information please visit By bus

 For info and reservations Tel: 0813334774

CLICK ON "BOOK ONLINE" BELOW TO BOOK ONLINE bus + aliscafo roma ischia

How to reach Ischia from Salerno, Amalfi, Positano, Capri and Sorrento

You can reach Ischia thanks to craft Alilauro - Alicost operating a passenger service quickly and safely.
The links in force since June 15 2017 are as follows:

Line Means Departure Arrival
Salerno - Ischia Jet 8.00 10.55
Ischia - Salerno Jet 16.20 19.20
Amalfi - Ischia Jet 8.25 10.55
Amalfi - Ischia Jet 15.00    17.20**
 Positano - Ischia Jet 8.50 10.55
 Positano - Ischia Jet   15.40 17.20**
 Capri - Ischia      Jet         9.45     10.55
Capri - Ischia Jet 16.20  17.20**
Ischia - Capri Jet 10.40  11.40**
 Ischia - Capri  Jet 16.20 17.30
 Ischia  - Positano Jet 10.40 12.20
 Ischia - Amalfi       Jet        10.40      12.40
Ischia - Positano Jet 16.20 18.20
Ischia - Amalfi Jet 16.20 18.55

* stopover on Capri
** Coinciding in Capri with departure at 16.45


To view go to page Prices and crossings from and to Ischia

How to reach Ischia from Pontine islands

From June to September hidrofoils Snav serve a passenger service on the route Naples - Ventotene - Ponza, the arrival on Ischia is expected at the port of Casamicciola Terme.

  • Morning departures from July 1st to August 31st 2011, on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Afternoon departures from July 1st to August 31st, 2011 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

For more detailed information consult the web page




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Info on Ischia island

  • Surface: 46 Kmq
  • Hight: 789 mt
  • Lat.: 40° 44',82 N
  • Long.: 13° 56',58 E
  • Periplus: 18 miglia
  • Coasts: 51.2 Km
  • Cities: 6
  • Inhabitants: 58.029


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