Hot springs nearby the sea for a touch of freedom

Hot springs nearby the sea for a touch of freedom

About the thermal springs of the island of Ischia, especially those of Casamicciola, many treaties have been written exalting each source and the therapeutic properties, manners and customs. Since the ‘500 and for over three hundred years, studies and observations of these manifestations of volcanic activity were the center of medical textbooks and teachers from the University of Naples as those of foreign scholars. All praised the thermal properties of thermal water trapped underground and in specific contours of the island, however, that once known would have kidnapped anyone, not just for its volcanic water. Since then, time looks at what happens on earth.

It seems to slow down, even stop for the narrow and ancient streets of the villages or on the beaches and in bays. Suddenly, as a kind of bewitching and captivating charm, everything is fantastic and who observes the individual traits becomes indispensable part of the scenery while the soul is caressed by the faint sound of rhythm to the mantra of nature from which like the siren song for Ulysses, it will be hard to shake. One can also be fascinated.

It is what happens in the Bay of Castiglione, in which reigned one of the Roman settlements with own factory and now houses one of the most known and famous Thermal Parks that is part of this original mapping of springs. It has qualities and characteristics that transform the promoted rat of nature on humans in an act of love, normal and relaxed, and have for result the exaltation and the relaxing of the senses of the body and spirit.

An ecstatic contradiction, almost mystical, that seems to cross the skin through touch and taste because of the taste buds love the smell of sulfur. Those who immerse beginning with the descent with the cable car and to continue, plunges in its thermal water pools that reach 40 ° remains kidnapped by the sudden transition from actual size to that surreal that you do not expect. The park is the heart of a lung consisting in Mediterranean vegetation and extends up to the mirror of crystal clear sea water that surrounds the bay. The eight cadence pools follow the arteries to a location from which end once and probably dock and sailed Roman ships laden with tools and ornamental objects. Along the pathways it can be found beats of emotions.

The feelings become tangible. Now move away in search of new details, now they return laden with a bag made of light that illuminates in succession, depending on the intensity, before a piece and then another of the wide stage that opens to the sight. Typical products are the main part of the wish list consisting of seafood and drinks. Wine and local marmalades together with colors that are emitted at sunset are the ideal setting in which to create encounters between the traditional flavors and the smell of melted wax in small jars on the tables. At the restaurant ‘O Guarracino a few centimeters from the surface of the sea, into the waters of the sea and flute of prosecco you can observe and get lost, to come back again. Maybe.


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Info on Ischia island

  • Surface: 46 Kmq
  • Hight: 789 mt
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