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In one of the most picturesque locations of the island of Ischia, in the charming village of St. Angelo in Serrara Fontana, we can forget the stress that plagues us all year and is really easy thanks to the Thermal park Aphrodite, a rarity and beauty peace set in one of the most popular gems on the island. Reached via a pleasant walk of a few minutes, but also with a convenient taxi boat from the port of Sant'Angelo comes to the park in just five minutes.

The Aphrodite promises corners of paradise and prosperity to those who decide to choose to immerse in unpolluted nature and surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Terraces that slope down to the sea will offer customers a path of wellness through twelve different pools with water temperatures ranging from 20° to 42°, two Olympic swimming pools and one indoor pool with whirlpool. All pools are fed naturally and are not subject to the addition of chlorine so as to keep intact the therapeutic properties of water and ensure the best benefits to those who want to enjoy it.
Le stesse acque sono prelevante dal sottosuolo mediante dei pozzi posti a diverse profondità a seconda della temperatura che si vuole ottenere una volta che saranno sgorgate e riversate nelle diverse piscine. Durante il viaggio di risalita l'acqua si arricchisce di preziosissimi sali minerali che sprigioneranno poi benefici effetti sulla pelle.
The same waters are pick up from underground through wells placed at different depths depending on the temperature to be obtained once you will have burst and poured into different pools. During the trip the water is enriched with valuable minerals which then emit beneficial effects on the skin. The hotel, with complimentary access for guests staying at the Hotel Miramare and paying for all those who want to reach from any part of the island, was really designed to ensure appropriate services for all needs. Snack bar, restaurant with stunning views of St. Angelo and the new play area opening soon with pool and lawn walkable for children, are just some of the services offered to customers.
E per coccolarsi davvero senza limiti ecco allora la meravigliosa sauna incastonata in una grotta naturale e l'area beauty center dove lasciare che massaggiatori ed estetiste si prendano cura del vostro corpo.
And to really pamper yourself with no limits then is the wonderful set in a natural cave sauna and beauty center where you can leave the area that masseurs and beauticians take care of your body. Thanks to professionals with proven experience you can achieve significant improvements both in terms of muscle diseases both as regards the imperfections, most of the time all the women, such as orange peel skin and lack of firmness of the tissues . All problems encountered with therapies such as gentle firming mud bath, hot showers, and the lymphatic drainage massage to stimulate the circulation of the legs and firm the skin. We offer a dietician who will propose, after visiting a custom path suited to the needs of each and the ability to analyze the skin and to treat any skin problems through special workshop preparations.
Given the last interesting news of the resort, we met Alessandro Marino, director of the thermal park Aphrodite, asking what awaits guests who choose the hotel for their holidays. The changes are those which have revolutionized the whole philosophy of the thermal park without creating disappointment in those who, for years, chose it for their unforgettable holidays.
Alongside its aim, achieved and maintained very well for years, to ensure moments of pure pleasure to those who need to unwind, now you look more closely at the philosophy of relaxation, as seen in its most essential form. This idea comes to life right from the brand new club Apollon, an area of about 70 square meters with four thermal pools, two waterfalls, VIP area and hot tub for 8-10 people. All swimming club Apollon, illuminated at night to create magical harmonies of light suitable for happy hour and parties, will be open to customers of the Hotel Miramare and accessible, with a slight surcharge compared with the standard fare, even to those who are not guests of the hotel.
The Apollon club has in fact the aim to pamper its customers in the most chic and exclusive way as possible. In addition to the adults-only pools and hot tub with jets of water, there is even a magnificent terrace overlooking the clear waters of St. Angelo. Here to welcome the guests there are a gazebo, exercise bikes, treadmills, massage sofas and cot for those who choose to relax with a treatment admiring a landscape like few in the world.
Sought after the brand new VIP area reserved for guests of the suites at the Hotel Miramare. In this corner of absolute peace, guests can relax on a comfortable chaise longue, having private showers and an extension phone to request whatever they want without ever stopping to think only and exclusively of their leisure

by Angela Mattera

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