I segni della Passione – the exhibition: an event to keep the "passion" for traditions alive

2021 is the year of the restart, the year in which that light at the end of the tunnel, which we have been waiting for so long during 2020, becomes more and more concrete. We are confident that 2022 will bring us back to our normal life. But, until then, we members of the Actus Tragicus Association of Forio have strongly wanted to invent new ways to keep the emotion alive, to give new life to the manifestation of the Passion of Forio, much followed and loved by the public, islanders and others. Because you can stay one year, but not two.

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La Filosofia, Il Castello e la Torre

La Filosofia, Il Castello e la Torre - Ischia and Naples International Festival of Philosophy,
Summer School of Humanities and Young Thinkers Festival 2021

VII Edition 19-26 September 2021

The Association InSophia, in collaboration with the City of Ischia, the CRF – International Centre for Philosophical Research, the University of Toronto Mississauga (Visual Studies Department), and with the patronage of the City of Naples, the Circle “G. Sadoul”, the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies


Greetings for a Happy Easter through the splendor of nature

Waiting for the 2021 reopening, the La Mortella Gardens give away the explosion of spring blooms via social media

Unfortunately, this year too, the period of the reopening of the Giardini la Mortella falls in the midst of the restrictions due to the health emergency and the date on which it will be possible to welcome the public again cannot be established at the moment. But nature does not stop and this is precisely the period of the maximum explosion of blooms: with Spring, the Mortella is cloaked in wonderful colors and the suggestive views of the garden are ready to welcome plants and flowers that announce the arrival of summer.


giardini poseidon

The irresistible charm of Poseidon Gardens


Much more than a garden, it is a botanical and landscape oasis, animated by blue reflections of its pools, by the landscapes and microclimate corners unique and unrepeatable. A special place that has enchanted excellent visitors and continues to do so. The list is transformed into a gallery of honor, high-sounding famous names, beautiful and amazing as the colors, the lights, the warmth, and the nuances of habitat: belonging to Gianni Agnelli and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger; Carla Fracci and Mika Hakkinen, the Formula 1 champion; Italo-German storyteller myths of Boninsegna, Beckenbauer, Breitner and Vogts.

mortella arte

The Giardini la Mortella give new impetus to the island of Ischia


On the volcanic island of Ischia, in the Gulf of Naples, the Giardini la Mortella amaze with the exuberance of its tropical vegetation. At the end of the Second World War, Sir William Walton, COMPOSER, moved with his wife Susana to what is still a stone quarry. Lady Walton then composed a singular and changing garden with the English landscape architect Russell Page.


The botanical Ravino Garden, in search of that path of Eden


«One more year for the Botanical Giardino Ravino becoming path beyond space and time to the Divine research»

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Info on Ischia island

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