Il Vagnitiello: a cascade of emotions

IMG 9645At the entrance of the charming Casamicciola your eyes will be attracted by the wonders of the thermal park “Vagnitiello”. The Passionist Fathers in Ischia talked about it stating sure as hell: “Bathe there ... and you will be healed”. This demonstrates the high regard that have had, since ancient times, the waters of this charming establishment located on the sea, sheltered from the wind and away from the stress and frenzy of everyday life, wrapped in the colors and scents of the typical Mediterranean maquis.

Its origins are shrouded in legend. In 1726 the Jesuit Father Camillo Eucherio Quinzi printed the first edition of the poem “Inarime o i bagni di Ischia”, in which was also reported to the legend of Bagnitiello.
It is said that the young Acmeno, the son of a nymph, lived in Ischia. One day jumping from one side of a stream he fell down inside. He called for help, but no one heard him. Then he prayed the gods. Finally Jupiter, moved to pity, turned him into a spring, telling him: “Do not weep more, worthy child, take courage like a god, instead of tears, now you flow with healthy water that will alleviate the diseases and bring joy. On these shores that have made vain your prayers, those who are suffering from earache will find relief”.
Suddenly the limbs of the Child disbanded in miraculous in the waters of this wonderful natural oasis, still considered of great benefit for diseases of the human body.
Here even Pope Innocent III, found rest for his limbs after an unfortunate fall.
Today the park has 5 pools, all with thermal water, a natural sauna and a Jacuzzi which all customers of the Park can freely access. Near the sea we find the largest pool (38 °), while on the slopes, surrounded by plants and flowers are located the other four: a Kneipp pool, a pool for children, a more petite and Jacuzzi.
A ladder takes you from the deck with sunbeds and deck chairs to sea, where are located the now famous “life rings” on which being lulled by the waves quietly letting your body be kissed by the summer sun and bathed by sea water.
The facility is also equipped with 10 rooms that overlook the sea, where to stay and enjoy for several days a setting of incomparable beauty, in a welcoming and family climate.
The restaurant is one of the essential stages of your visit to Vagnitiello; among the specialties are the “bruschetta del Capitano” (with mozzarella and tomato) made in memory of Captain Aniello, paccheri with mussels and zucchini and the inevitable “Chicken Rabbit”. The restaurant of the Vagnitiello is also open in the evening for guests who want to enjoy a delicious dinner on the sea, reservation welcome!
The Summer 2014 new at Vagnitiello is the "aperitif zone" set just below the restaurant, which is open throughout the day, with the presence of comfortable chairs for snacks and appetizers.
A shuttle-service with a nice gig is available for both hotel guests who are picked up at the port, and for those who frequent the park, leaving near the Parish of St. Antonio.
O Vagnitiello has everything to offer the best in serenity and relaxation: a descent into nature, a wonderful place to stay, the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks, the friendliness of Luisa and her husband Luciano, a paradise-like silence that will be the backdrop to your hours of absolute peace.
A truly magical corner, open from April to mid-October, from which you can regenerated body and spirit, a place praised by poets and loyal visitors.
Among them, Gennaro Gallucci, who wanted to translate into verse the wonderful “poem” issued by Vagnitiello:

“Chi comm’a mmè
rint’a  chist angulill’e paraviso
c’ò Padreterno ‘già mannat’nterra,
tene intrecciata tutt’a vita soja
rint’o core gelosamente’o’nzerra

E, comm’a nnammurato assai geluso,
a nisciun’o vulesse fa viulà.
Troppe song’e ricord’delicat’
d’e juorne belle’e tant tiemp fa

Mò spontan’a stu core ch’è invecchiato,
a rò, amorosamente custoditi,
tutti li juorne fai resuscità
quanno sceng’a du tè pe fa stu rito.

Rito, cà’ o tene in vita e o fa campà.
Tra tutti  voglio ricurdà o’cchiu bello
d’o tiempo d’a perduta gioventù:
Filippo’o Bibbione ‘ngè dev’o canotto

E co muglierema Italia, io, giuvinotto,
‘ngè venevem’ a rime à pont’a seggia.
(in questo posto allor non profanato)
pecchè a grandezz’e Ddio ‘ngiavev’a reggia!

Stà reggia faceva da curnice alla passione
c’auniva strett’a mmè la sposa mia
e parlava spontanea, c’ò core e chi (guaglione)
guastato ‘unn’er ancor’a furberia.

Ma nun se po’ tenè na Grazi’e Dio,
con egoismo, sulo p’e sé stesso,
pure pecchè la tua celebrità
vulava, e vol’ancora, appriss’appriesso!

Rint’a chest acque toie miracolose
nziem’a gente normale comm’a mmè.

Ma tu p mmè, nun sì sul’o miracolo
d’e guarigion’e st’acqua toia sincera,
tu sì o’surriso di Domine Dio,
c’a ‘ngiaccumpagn’attravers ‘a natura!

E io torno semp’a te! Si semp bello!
Si o posto cchiù special’e tutt’ o munno!
Miez’acciaccato comm’a vicchiariello,
te cerc’aiuto….ca stò ghienno ‘nfunno!

E tu, bello  d’a rint e pur’a fore
‘mme riconosci… nun me vuò abbandunà
e, co putere tuoi’miracoloso
cù st’acqua, c’a salute fa turnà,
me turn’e forze e  m’aiut a’campà
e ca bellezza toia, che non ha eguali,
nziem’a salute mmè rituarn’a gioia
p’e st’ati juorne  c’aggia restà ccà!

Charm, serenity, harmony with creation, the peace that frantically everyone searches: all this and more is the wonder of the beautiful “Vagnitiello”!

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