Scampolo in the original language - Some scenes shot in Ischiaa 

The German director and screenwriter Alfred Weidermann, made famous in the international arena from the movie "Canaris", directs with a good job, but not particularly inventive, some of them with two romantic comedies Romy Schneider: "Kitty" and "Scampolo", originating from the homonymous play by Dario Niccodemi, or "Sissi a Ischia" that exploits the popularity of the movie played by Schneider in "Princess Sissi". The film allows a thorough knowledge of the island as you start telling the story and show the pictures of everyday life in the country. The protagonist, remnant, working as a tour guide showing tourists the beauty of the island and just like driving enters the Aragonese Castle and tells the story. The director with this film allows the German population to enrich the beauty, but also the radiance that Ischia, the film conveys. Ischia rises climax of the film industry with this film, a series of images that our protagonist allows us to see with the precise purpose of the film, to seize the island in all its charm, every fact, every conflict as the viewpoint of Serrara, the Church of Soccorso in Forio, and the square with the background of the Aragonese Castle, the ubiquitous bar "Coco Gelo". Some scenes were also shot in Piazza Croce, on the beach of St. Pietro and Riva Destra.


  •  Title SCAMPOLO
  •  Release date(s) 1957
  •  Genre COMEDY
  •  Running time  95 Min


  •   Starring: Viktor De Kowa, Paul Hubschmid,
    Romy Schneider
  •   Photography: Bruno Mondi



(Sissi, Empress of Austria, has nothing to do, wanted to use the name by which Schneider had become famous). The film takes place entirely in Ischia and starring Scampolo, a girl who lives by the day without too many worries, until she meets the man she falls in love. He is an architect penniless chasing a distant dream, which is to win a competition for the best design of a modern neighborhood in Naples. Scampolo, in its way and will help when an unfortunate coincidence, the chest, sent to Naples, containing the project architect, will not be served by the post office, she will not hesitate and she will bring the case to the Ministry . The delivery is proving difficult, but remember Scampolo who will know the Minister, with whom he had a brilliant conversation at a party in Ischia, and then everything becomes easier. The Minister, moved by the story of Scampolo, decided to accept the cash over the period fixed for delivery and give you a very good chance for winning the competition. Finally, the project of the architect will be approved with great joy of the married couple.

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