Morgan the pirate


Another realization of the adventure genre Ischia is the film "Morgan the Pirate" of '60, of the director Primo Zeglio, that in the context of popular cinema, is a spectacular exhibit of large plant and sufficient to cover the favorite genres of the '50s and 60s. The row repeats the images of the figure of Henry Morgan, whose exploits have already been documented in other films where this does not go away. The preferred locations in this film are the area of Punta Molino, Ischia Ponte, Lacco Ameno and the Maronti beach, perfect setting for a fight between pirates. In spite of the beautiful scenery, the film was considered a ridiculous adventure film, supervised by a Andre de Toth, who plays of accumulation: people, facts, actions, to mask the void on which it stands. Just on the basis of these considerations, it seems appropriate to recall how much they had in the movies, places, and environments of Ischia. We can assert without doubt that the main protagonist of the film is the island in its entirety.


  •  Release date(s) 1960
  •  Running time 103 Min


  •   Photography: Tonino Delli Colli
  •   Editing: Maurizio Lucidi
  •   Music: Franco Mannino



HHenry Morgan, being in slavery, is bought by Ynes, daughter of the Governor of Panama. In love with the woman, is deported on a Spanish galleon, which seizes with the other prisoners, who recognize him as their leader. He directs the ship to the island of Tortuga, redeems Ynes, who had been taken prisoner, and resumes the sea. Morgan performs extraordinary feats, alliance with England and try to seize Panama, but the company fails. Organized a second expedition, try to approach the city by land and manages to win her over. In the Governor's palace is an immense booty, but the thought of Ynes, which he believes far, traveling to Spain, saddens him. You will find it rather live under a mountain of corpses, and swears to himself that he does not come off more from her ( On Corriere dell’isola d’Ischia On the island of Ischia Courier (No. 17-1960) reads: "So also the filmmakers have invaded Ischia. This is not the first time this has happened since Ischia have been many movies but these are the pirate Morgan led all the features of the new cinema environment. An environment that wants to be intellectual and instead is flat and dull. And all these nice people what you can achieve? Only the useless meatballs that are certainly not honor the Italian cinema. The belly of Chelo Alonso, the muscles of Steve Reeves and his stunt, the sine of Valery Lagrange and some galleon fire form the main emotion of the film. We must hope that the natural beauty of our island saved part of the film. The trouble is that in the movie Ischia is an island in the South Seas.

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