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Also within the knowledge and sponsorship of the island through the location is also important to mention the movie "Avanti" or " Che cosa è successo tra mio padre e tua madre" made in '72 and directed by Billy Wilder, who chose Ischia for his film, tells the story of a wealthy businessman in Baltimore go to Ischia to recover the body of his father and discovers, with great surprise, that he died in the arms of his mistress, whom he met regularly for ten years during his holidays. On site there is also the daughter of the woman who has a less moralistic attitude towards the two lovers than man's. But the warmth and Mediterranean Eden appear in a disarming clarity, which turns slowly in a liberating sense, adventurous and pay existence, the only solution to defeat the holes blacks of human destiny. The film is presented as a self-mocking portrait of what Americans see the soul Mediterranean, and especially in Europe. Ischia became the location for the description of adultery "therapeutic", a place where you can relax and enjoy life. The church of Soccorso turns to the morgue where the employee is Pippo Franco, dealing with forms and stamps. It was also used the port of Ischia for the landing of a helicopter. Other sequences were shot in Sant'Angelo, Monte Vico where was taken up the entire landscape of Lacco Ameno, Ischia Ponte, the port and along the main road that leads to Forio.


  •  Title AVANTI
  •  Release date(s) 1972, USA
  •  Running time 146 Min
  •  Direction BILLY WILDER


  •   Starring: Jack Lemmon, Juliette Mills, Pippo Franco
  •   Photography: Luigi Kuveiller
  •   Musci: Carlo Rustichelli



Wendell Ambruster junior, an industrialist of 42 years, is the island of Ischia to pick up the body of his father, Wendell Ambruster senior expert in an accident, and bring it to America where he prepares a grand funeral. During the trip to Ischia and then met Pamela Piggott, a plump London woman, came to pick up the corpse of her mother, Catherine, who was for years (without even she knows) lover of Wendell senior and perished with him. The exasperating bureaucratic delays are further complicated by the disappearance of the bodies by the family as ransom Trotta claiming compensation for accident damaged the vineyard. Solves all the hotel manager, Carlo Carlucci, man sailed and of inexhaustible resources. More blackmail weaves Bruno, the waiter who wants a visa to the U.S. in exchange for compromising photographs of the dead lovers, and then on other identical situations junior Wendell and Pamela, the two, in fact, after quarrels and fights, they repeat the same as the each of the parents. Bruno is killed by the Sicilian maid Anna that he got her pregnant. There comes a diplomat, brother of the deceased, to ... release the body, but it is to Bruno, because the two lovers dead lie down together on the island, while the living come together for your next holiday.

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