La Professoressa di scienze naturali


Scenes of the Film La professoressa di scienze naturali 

In the 70s the trend towards disengagement becomes standard, with the deterioration of the social situation and the spread of terrorism, the ongoing disputes, advancing the economic crisis and policy increasingly unable to govern the country. Even the comedy takes the direction of escape and production of series B, in which it is the erotic current to witness the disconnect with the public and with the ability to read the real that had characterized. (Russo, 2002 p 154). Conforming to the production of the 70 in the rest of Italy, Ischia lends itself to become locations for the movie, "La Svergognata" film shot in '74, directed by Giuliano Biagetti. In '76 follows the film "La professoressa di scienze naturali " shot in Ischia in '76, directed by Michele Tarantini, who in recent years gives rise to a series of erotic-comic comedies interpreted by the sexy divas of the moment, in this case Lilli Carati.


  •  Release date(s) 1976
  •  Genre EROTIC
  •  Running time 90 Min


  •   Starring: Gianfranco Barra, Lilli Carati, Mario Carotenuto, Rita De Simone, Adriana Facchetti, Michele Gammino, Gastone Pescucci,    Giacomo Rizzo, Alvaro Vitali
  •   Photography: Angelo Filippini
  •   Editing: Daniele Alabiso
  •   Music: Alessandro Alessandroni



The high school of a Sicilian town has not a science teacher, when the mature prof. Mastrilli, putting together carelessly nitric acid and distilled water in the course of an experiment, outing of action. On the advice of the pharmacist Nicola Balsamo, is requested and obtained a graduate student Stefania Marini, whose loveliness makes fresh agitation in loving both the students as their parents. But it is the chemist's son, Andrea, first to hit the defenseless heart of the teacher, however, the court accepts the rich dr. Peppino. One day, taking advantage of a boating accident, Andrea and Stefania love among the waves. Nevertheless, the teacher marries the doctor without having to give up the relationship with her student.

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