The best water in the world

I was almost 10 when with my bike, a “venti” with the frame at an angle,
crashed near the Calabbresiello balcony, in Via Roma, in the center of Barano. Knees full of blood, such as the right shoulder and the front, a disaster. Today people would not lose a moment to go to Lacco Ameno, to the hospital.
Mom and Dad had neither car nor a driving license. So my parents knew exactly what was done in these cases. They had learned from their elders.


Greetings for a Happy Easter through the splendor of nature

Waiting for the 2021 reopening, the La Mortella Gardens give away the explosion of spring blooms via social media

Unfortunately, this year too, the period of the reopening of the Giardini la Mortella falls in the midst of the restrictions due to the health emergency and the date on which it will be possible to welcome the public again cannot be established at the moment. But nature does not stop and this is precisely the period of the maximum explosion of blooms: with Spring, the Mortella is cloaked in wonderful colors and the suggestive views of the garden are ready to welcome plants and flowers that announce the arrival of summer.


location negata 10 06 2020

Ischia Film Festival, the cinema denouncing: focus on the planet in the “Location denied” section

Sixteen films competing in one of the most anticipated sections of the show (June 27-July 4): a journey that touches the Amazon, Syria, Myanmar, Egypt, Sierra Leone and Italy

When cinema denounces social injustices and environmental disasters, revealing itself as a precious “sentinel” on what does not working in the world. One of the most anticipated sections of the Ischia Film Festival, scheduled on the island in a hybrid version, partly in presence and partly online, from June 27 to July 4 2020 is called “Location denied”.


Antonio Macrì, eulogy of chromatic harmony

 An overwhelming crowd of friends, admirers, acquaintances, simple people gathered. On a Sunday last February - in the church of Portosalvo in Ischia, to share the sincere emotion of the greeting to Antonio Macrì, last performer of a successful and special generation of artists that have been appreciated and loved far from the borders of Ischia. A popular painter, a shy man, he left a very long track, distributed in an infinity of private collections.



On the streets accompanying San Vito

One view colored through the alleys of the towered city, poetic that comes alive in the flow of tradition. In the setting, sun on the seashore, like lightning, strikes with its green ray walkers on the coast, sensitive and empathetic because it creates an unbreakable bond among people, city and history fascinating who are admiring the view. Forio is a story that runs through the streets and the banks of ancient time. Moreover, June is the most appropriate month to visit this “middle earth”, located between the capes of Punta Caruso - known as Zaro - and Punta Imperatore.

mortella arte

La Mortella: The island surrounded by the garden


Dialogue with Alessandra Vinciguerra

Entering La Mortella is an experience that renews the sensitivity of the spirit. In March, the colors, transformed into a scale of chrome that passes through an autumn and a winter of decline, expose the newfound vigor that integrates elements like earth and water in the most varied forms of nature.
The trunk of the trees, the leaves, the flowers and the fruits represent layers of life reaching out to the sky and the hidden roots of the beliefs that support the gravity of a victorious harmony.
The meeting between the visible and the invisible, between heaven and earth, is celebrated here to our senses.
Today we meet Alessandra Vinciguerra, director of the garden, not in an interview, but in a dialogue that wants to highlight Philosophy, that “humanistic” side that sustains and maintains this island surrounded by another island, the human one.

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