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In the most attractive place that, as Wladimiro Frenkel wrote in 1934, “sums up the prehistoric and historic life of the island of Ischia and preserves and passes on the lasting memory and that for five centuries - from the sixteenth to the nineteenth - has been the scene of the glories of the nobility and oppression of the schemes, the Aragonese Castle, will be held from June 29 to July 6, 2013, the eleventh edition of the Ischia Film Festival, the only international competition dedicated to the film locations.

The event, also known for its focus on cine tourism location and placement, gives an artistic recognition for audiovisual works, film makers, directors of photography and set designers who most valued Italian and international locations emphasizing the landscapes and cultural identity.
“As in previous editions, to characterize the festival will be a week of outdoor screenings, tributes and meetings with international guests. Eight days full of cinematographic works: between competition, festivals and special screenings, will be work from all over the world. Works that enhance and promote the traditions, the historical reality, landscapes and cultural identity of an area through the choice of location”, explains the artistic director of the Festival, Michelangelo Messina.
At the international film competition of Ischia there are those works that have enhanced the territory through the choice of locations, thus promoting the historical, social and human reality, traditions and culture.
The Official Program of the projections is developed in several sections:
FRONT PAGE: Italian and international films that, in the current film season, have given ample space to the location as a narrative element essential to the film story.
COMPETITION: documentaries and national and international shorts, trying for the Ischia prize for best documentary and short film festival.
DENIED LOCATION: a special competitive section for works that, in order to improve the sites, tell about the territory violated by the contradictions of civilization and progress, the rights or the hopes of those people trampled by war or affected by natural disasters.
SOCIAL LOCATION: dedicated to a special focus on the concept of location in the light of social economic problems emerged with strength and cultural evidence in the most recent national cinema or not.
SCENARIOS: movies, documentaries and short films outside competition came from the more distant and vital world of movies.
Special prizes will be bestow by the artistic director of the festival to a director, a set designer and a director of photography for the work done in the last year according to the value of a location and the Foreign Award, presented in partnership with the APE (Association Executive Producers) to the foreign production that has chosen Italy for the shots guarantying to the beautiful country an international reputation through a cinema of high quality.
The Ischia Film Festival is also an opportunity to find out, under the stars, emerging filmmakers: there will be, in fact, meetings with directors, actors and designers (in the past years, present in Ischia Ken Adam, Pupi Avati, Vittorio Storaro, Alan Lee, Mario Monicelli, Abel Ferrara, Pavel Longuine, Giuliano Montaldo, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Lizzani Carlo, Paolo Villaggio, Romina Power and Rocco Papaleo) Among the people who have already confirmed their presence the French director Benoit Jacquot, actor Jean Sorel who will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as numerous Italian actors and directors.
To take part in the festival you need to buy a cultural credit on the site or at the Info Point of the Festival that will be set at the Piazzale Aragonese from June 27 onwards. The Ischia Film Festival, thanks to the collaboration of the best hotels on the island, offers accommodation packages in Ischia for the whole week or just for the weekend of opening and closing at a discount for who has the cultural credit.
During the festival there is also a market section with the ‘International Stock Exchange of the Locations and Cine Tourism’, a meeting between the world of movies and tourism ( and the ‘National Convention on the Cine-tourism, which will be attended the highest representatives of the world of cinema-related to territorial marketing (
Thanks to the commitment in the cine tourism and the promotion of cinema places implemented by the Ischia Film Festival in over 10 years, it is now possible to get around the island discovering its film locations. An interactive journey to discover the Ischia sets through the 32 films that have played a leading role. A new way to explore the island and rediscover places and locations through the special look of cinema. Through the App you have access to about 40 sites that have represented nearly 100 locations spread among the six municipalities of the island.
To download the free app for Android search for “Ischia Film Location” on Play Store, while searching for “Ischia Film Festival” will be able to download the app with the festival program.
The Ischia Film Festival will take place between the Castle of Ischia and the sixteenth-century Tower of Michelangelo. The event, organized under the patronage of the President of the Republic, is supported by the Campania Region – “Culture as a resource” and the Ministry of Culture - Directorate General of Cinema, with the patronage of the City of Ischia.

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