The soul trekking on the perfect island

* ... Near is Ischia, and Ischia is perfection ... The beautiful island laughs playfully in the waves and draws almost by enchanting laces the spacecraft growing at its banks, which appear all around surrounded by a dark lava on which foams noisy tide. If the sun shines on the island from the sea it can also clearly distinguish the forms and species of individual trees. And it is especially the tree of peace, the olive tree, which with gray foliage and dark-green branches standing out on the brown background of the tuff ground forming a pleasing harmony of colors in a thousand fine gradations of colors.


The 3rd edition of ScheriaCup24

In Forio, from May 19 to 21, the 3rd edition of ScheriaCup24

After the success of the high and low altitude zonal championship that took place from April 7 to 9, Forio of Ischia becomes again the local center of the sail in Campania. From May 19 to 21, the third edition of the “Scheria Cup24” will be held, organized by the Italian Naval League, Ischia Island, and sponsored by the municipality of Forio. The innovative stopwatch race, named in previous editions, such as the long sailing marathon around Ischia, concerns boating boats in the challenge of the last mile that will sail for 24 hours, trying to travel as many miles as possible around the island . The particular formula makes it impossible to get out of time and gives the certainty of the start and end times of the racing. This year will also use a GPS system on each boat to measure the actual route.

Dani Maison Nino Di Costanzo ischia 3

Nino Di Costanzo was "Danì Maison"

A classy hospitality and great food in the family home: the choice of multi-starred chef revolutionizes the concept of restaurant. Memorize four syllables: «danì maison». And add the Nino Di Costanzo signature, multi-starred chef: is the most important ambassador of “made in Ischia” in the world. Then, book a table in his new restaurant called so, set in the family property on Montetignuso hill, not far from the center of Ischia Porto, and let you go to discover the sublime. Because the sublime exists.

escursione case di pietra 2239

Exploring the island of a thousand landscapes

I feel a new energy in the air, sounds, colors, smells, I awaken from winter warmth an-nouncing to me the arrival of spring. It is too strong the lure, I do not resist and certainly do not lose the opportunity to live spring in Ischia in the best way, that is “Going around pathways”. Before starting the way, I strictly control my equipment. Oh yeah! because the success of a hike worthy of respect, starts from the care of these details.



The last curandera

She lives in Piano, a kind of natural drainage clay and flat that was once planted with red apples and yellow limoncelle, dotted with swamps that teemed with frogs: is located between the volcanic pit of Vatoliere and houses of Testaccio, the farm- sailor village who is resting here and there on the heights overlooking the Bay of Maronti.
But her origins are even more hilly: Buonopane, that is the high zone, as they called the Greeks who founded their first colony on the island in the western Mediterranean.

il principe salterino

The "jumping prince" who lives in the pine forest

Until three years ago, I had never seen it. Even at school I had ever been involved in some of those improbable farms in jar organized in the lessons of Sciences, the first direct impact with the laws of Nature. Imagine where could we find them, tadpoles, in my Roman neighborhood where there is no trace of damp areas at least a century? On the other hand, among the many princes of sound collection fairy tales, had always urged more my imagination the handsome knight that saved

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Info on Ischia island

  • Surface: 46 Kmq
  • Hight: 789 mt
  • Lat.: 40° 44',82 N
  • Long.: 13° 56',58 E
  • Periplus: 18 miglia
  • Coasts: 51.2 Km
  • Cities: 6
  • Inhabitants: 58.029


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