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In some Aurora iconographies, the goddess of the early morning, appears in her chariot while spreading colorful petals, announcing the new light of day. In the images of the four seasons, Spring is a woman who carries flowers or scatters them on the lawns and in the illustrations depicting the five senses, smell can be represented with a composition of fragrant blooms or with a figure that holds in hand or sniffing fragrant buds.

To the image of the flower have been associated in many different eras concepts of purity and beauty. The worship of these wonderful creatures of land and water transcends time and territorial boundaries. Expression of brilliant and aristocratic beauty, flowers are an integral part of the cultures of the four corners of the globe. Unrivalled ambassadors of emotions, symbols par excellence of the ephemeral, fleeing glory and grace intended to last the space of a sigh or a little more, the elements of the sphere enclosing plant petals and buds between the pure essence of serenity. The magnificence that is released from the delicate corollas arouses intoxicating feelings.
A range of feelings and emotions usable in all its exciting splendor thanks to Ipomea by Negombo, the famous exhibition of rare and tropical plants set in the charming thermal park inside the bay of San Montano, which will offer from May 22 to 24 the opportunity to benefit of rare floral beauty to the many tourists who will be on the island in late May, in conjunction with the twelfth edition of the event.
Ipomea is a celebration of nature and priceless universe of flowers and plants that, with the arrival of Spring, express fully their exceptional charm.

On the occasion, the Bay of San Montano becomes a treasure trove of perfumes and fragrances, a fan from thousands of colorful blooms from the valuable collections of rare exotic locations around the world. A homage to colors and scents materializes near the various booths set up by phytologist and specialized nurseries, connoisseurs of wonderful plants from many different climate zones that characterize the planet. 

The unmissable floral display comes to life in the beautiful setting of the thermal park Negombo where the triumph of colors, the emanations of salty surf and the lush green highlight the unique setting derived from the dedication and commitment of Duke Luigi Silvestro Camerini who in this bay located the ideal residence for his own collection of natural wonders, adapted over time to the placid atmosphere of the bay of Lacco Ameno and carried forward by Marco Castagna, editor of Negombo.

In this corner of paradise of the island of Ischia, exotic species from Asia and from the southern regions of the continent share strips of land with typical strains of Mediterranean flora that characterize the island. A natural union made possible by the care of landscape Ermanno Casasco who has been able to skillfully combine different expressions of nature in a harmonious balance.
Queens of the event will be rarities that have attracted great surprise at the international level, such as citrus fruits that lived close to the Florence of the Medici’s family in the fifteenth and sixteenth century.
The collection of citrus puts its roots in the gardens of the Medici’s family in Tuscany and returns the original flavors of the Florentine Renaissance. A recovery made possible by the diligent dedication of botanists and enthusiasts that through the study of treatises and phytology were able to recover the historic citrus varieties have been lost in the oblivion of time. The main protagonist of the work of botanical philology is the ‘Bizzarria’, the first actor in the Medici’s collection: a particular vegetable chimera that contains within it the characteristics of the bitter orange, cedar and lemon, a peculiarity that explode in a riot of colors in a range of colors that encompasses yellow, orange and green. A botanical rarity believed lost for over a century and restored to the beginning of the 1980s by the work of Paolo Galeotti, head of the garden of the Villa Medici in Castello which houses several pieces.

Another highlight of the exhibition will be the Attacus atlas, the beautiful butterfly with its wingspan of 30 centimeters, a width that crown as the world’s largest specimen, which will be exposed as a prelude to the new exhibition of butterflies from all over the planet in preparation for the event next year, an issue that promises to be filled with its colorful and bright colors that characterize the biodiversity of these wonderful and ephemeral insects. It also provides space for hard palate with the exposure to Ischia’s spiciest chili in the world, fiery explosion that would test even the most intrepid tasters.
Ipomea by Negombo confirms once again exceptional stage for a show of flowers and plants that will arouse the enthusiasm of guests and residents who will be pleasantly surprised by a show of colors and scents from many different styles and colors, a rarity for lovers of beauty that cannot pass up the opportunity to explore the many facets floral stars of the twelfth edition of Ipomoea. An exhibition of great value that enhances the senses and the soul.

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