Pelara, fuzzy boundary between body and soul

La Pelara Panza IschiaI would like to point out one of the most suitable amenities to appreciate the identity of this island. I would like to offer a path, a place, an unforgettable experience for the tourist, the traveler, the man really must do. I want to tell you about the "Pelara", a tiny bay placed between the "Guardiola" and "Mountain of Panza", known by few today, exclusive destination for those who want to discover the wild identity and living witness of our past.

The natural architecture defines a geological site of considerable importance for our region and for this reason a walk along "Pelara" is not to be missed.

The way starts from the square of Panza, through the church of San Gennaro, we leave the paved road, gradually exceeding the traces of contemporary civilization, sometimes unkempt, then we meet the traces of a country civilization, now neglected and finally it's unpolluted nature's turn. We literally plunge into a sea of green. The wooden steps and handrails built by volunteers from the Pro Loco of Panza and lush vegetation, make the journey very pleasant. Holm oaks and arbutus, broom, heather before and a carpet of ferns then with the bounty of nature get us confused, explosion of colours and smells, the hands will be curious to caress the silver bushes of absinthe or white umbrellas of wild carrots. Lost in this landscape, we will remain embarrassed by the naked lava plunges into the sea. It's the last stretch of our journey, the most wild, impracticable, but abundantly repays our labours. It's the meeting of the fire with water, the attraction of opposites to create so much charm. A unique, breathtaking vista, nature, only nature, even our breathing is too much, we try to hold it for fear of breaking the spell, but fortunately no one, Eolo nor Neptune have broken this spell is repeated for thousands of years. The Pelara is one of those places that command respect, you'll know it, you'll love it, you'll keep it because the image that will fix in your mind is rest for life. When you come to the end of the path, you will be flooded with images and feelings. Lava domes will waiting for you, caressed by wind and salt, they are massive, austere, projected towards the sky and you placed on the edge of the ridge almost to the sea, and so you form part of this landscape. Behind you, there is the impetuosity, caused by a dynamic and sometimes threatening and remote past of at least 28,000 years. The rock that defends the rock, colourful lava that overlaps and is intertwined in a seemingly precarious balance. The rock symbolizes the physical size of our life, our body. Ahead of you, the serenity of an inviolable horizon: the sea, the spiritual dimension of our lives, our souls...

While I'm writing, I close my eyes and I have the strong feeling of still being there on the edge of the ridge, I feel the wind blowing on my face, listening to the wave that breaks on the rock, I breathe the sea air and wild herbs .... I'm there again and find a sense of peace.
The path of Pelara is finally accessible thanks to the dedication, tenacity and passion for the land of a group of volunteers gathered in the Pro Loco Association of Panza of Ischia. The Pro Loco Association meets all individuals who intend to work actively for the performance of coordinated promotion and protection of the territory of their communities through the development of historical, artistic, cultural, and social nature activities of the locality of Panza and Forio helping to improve the lives of its residents. The Association with office information organizes events aimed at improving the usability of our territory.

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