equobarIn one of the most picturesque streets of the historical center of Forio, with a balanced and absolutely original look comes Equobar EloArt Gallery. Equobar is a concept that goes beyond the idea of entertainment, catering or hospitality, is the discreet and silent challenge in different lifestyles conformed to the rampant consumerism and without ethics and often pay little attention to the quality of the environment and social relations.

It is a provocation and not the only one present in the famous "Vicoletto San Gaetano" where you breathe art, culture, ethnicity and tradition!
The vibrancy of the colors at the entrance invite you to experience multiethnic part of the world and the most remote lands in the gardens of Ischia, because Equobar wanted to bring out all that is authentic and has decided to do so in a fair and supportive. The white resin inside invites you to stop losing time and find the pleasure of discovering how easy it is to do good to themselves and to others.
Products for body care and feeding... strictly organic and ethical alternative drinks that aim to health and snack bars that enhances the traditional flavors of the local cuisine already alone would be enough to complete a rewarding experience for the visitor. But Equobar definitely goes further and proposes all in an environment that can offer the luxury of simplicity. The interior design, the design of the spaces and the mix of the local architecture of the typical stone cellar with the innovation of environmentally friendly furniture, such as chairs and tables made of compressed cardboard by artist Manuel Di Chiara, are the tangible elements of the evidence of the desire to offer a lifestyle equitable and sustainable.
The other distinctive element, which since its opening last summer, has immediately aroused the interest of the local community is the supply of local agricultural products.
But Equobar is also a passion for art, from its rooms in fact leads to the EloArt Art Gallery an exhibition of international interest, a reference for many artists. In recent times has exposed wooden sculptures by artist Jozek Novak representing the great men of the earth by Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa of Calcutta. And another important exhibition is The Stensilist a tribute to Oliver Butenuth, artist and peacemaker who died prematurely, the promoter of a campaign in support of Syrian children victims of war.
To the Equobar the commitment to solidarity is not a principle but tangible action. It hosts a number of initiatives of Help Children Foundation, aimed at raising funds to support humanitarian projects.
Probably to make everything so smooth and consistent to Equobar is the passion and respect for others that pushed the owners, Eleonore, sculptor and gallerist and Gabriel, musician, linked to the island, to propose a cultural offer so rich for the islanders and travelers. A passion that Equobar manages to convey with music. And the music is the soul of Equobar, which with its various interpretations, life, chill out, reggae, jam sessions and percussion, allows to rediscover the true essence of life and invites us to be open to sharing and solidarity!

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