Ischia Sunset Triathlon, May 14 at Forio, 7th edition

triathlonOn May 14, Ischia will host the seventh edition of “Ischia Sunset Triathlon”

In addition, this year, the organization of Ischia Sport and Tourism - composed of Neil MacLeod, Sara Coppola and President Michelangelo Di Maio with his “Forti e Veloci isola d'Ischia”, in collaboration with CN Posillipo has found in Forio the perfect location for an event that every year attracts numerous athletes and families. There have been no changes compared to last year’s race and therefore at 12 o’clock the start of the swimming part, starting from Chiaia beach, this year made more secure thanks to the important collaboration of Yacht and the Forio Diving Center, which will provide technical support in this first part of the race. After the planned and canonical 750 meters of swimming, it will go to the 20km of bikes distributed between Forio town center and the Colombo promenade up to the Citara junction, and at the end of the race with the 5km race that will be mainly developed in the historical town center of Torrione. A breathtaking trail through the narrow paths - almost certainly the only one in the world - will accompany athletes to measure their abilities in a location that can further stimulate the performance of the participants.

From the beautiful waters of the Ischitan Sea, to the historic center of Forio, passing through the promenade of Citara, one of the most scenic scenery on Ischia Island, Ischia Sunset Triathlon is not only for adults. As in the previous editions before the main race (at 11 am), children (6 to 9 years old) and boys (10 to 13 years old) have fun with duathlon. Children will have to go up 200 meters and 500 meters biking, while for the kids there will be 800 meters running, 3 kilometers pedaling and 400 meters racing. Registration is accessible to everyone after a medical release of clean bill of health. For this year, special thanks to the Forio Municipal Administration led by Mayor Giuseppe Del Deo and Giuseppe Di Maio, sports delegate and Unicusano (who has always been involved in sports) who sponsored the event, with the collaboration of the service of Forio Police, Coast Guard, Forio CB and the White Cross.
Everything is ready for Ischia Sunset Triathlon, an event that is worth attending, and why not even just attend to dive in the wonderful scenery that one of the corners of Ischia offers visitors.


Triathlon is an individual or team sport. Since 2000, it is a men’s and women’s Olympic specialty. It is articulated on three tests that take place in the immediate succession and are - although based on different distances depending on the category - common to all athletes: swimming, cycling and racing. Among the variants of the triathlon, there is the duathlon, which is also divided into three trials, but only two disciplines: the sequence is in fact composed of a first fraction of the race, then one of cycling, to conclude with another race.
Curiosity: Triathlon is a sport born in 1977 by a bet between a group of friends on a beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. The group discussed about the toughest race from the point of view of resistance: whether it was the Waikiki rough water swim of 3.8km swimming, whether it was the 112 mile (180km) bike race around Oahu, or the Honolulu Marathon Km 42.195. Marine commander John Collins suggested combining the three trials into a single race. That day, the triathlon was born, and the race that made the legend of this sport, the Ironman of Hawaii, was born. At the first edition they participated in 14.





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