Greetings for a Happy Easter through the splendor of nature


Waiting for the 2021 reopening, the La Mortella Gardens give away the explosion of spring blooms via social media

Unfortunately, this year too, the period of the reopening of the Giardini la Mortella falls in the midst of the restrictions due to the health emergency and the date on which it will be possible to welcome the public again cannot be established at the moment. But nature does not stop and this is precisely the period of the maximum explosion of blooms: with Spring, the Mortella is cloaked in wonderful colors and the suggestive views of the garden are ready to welcome plants and flowers that announce the arrival of summer.


And so in this second Easter seeing the whole country again in lockdown, to allow everyone, even from a distance, to experience the beauty of spring, the Walton Foundation has decided to share the wonderful images of the blooms through social channels spring with the intention of giving the public a pleasant moment of escape. A sharing via the web to exchange a wish for a Happy Easter with a "virtual postcard" and trust that what we are experiencing is really the last mile to return to normal soon.

The spring period at La Mortella seems to underline one of the most peculiar characteristics of the garden: the coexistence of spontaneous plants of the Mediterranean scrub, with exotic species that come from distant worlds, and with plants more known and closer to the experience and history of each one, which are the backbone of traditional gardens. In the garden, this harmonious juxtaposition is continually perceived between perhaps rare and precious specimens and more familiar and familiar plants. Thus the blooms of Camellias and Magnolias follow one another, which everyone knows, but also Strongylodon macrobotrys: the "jade vine" of the Philippines with clusters of turquoise flowers up to one meter long; while walls and pergolas dripping with wisteria and jasmine, the magenta flowers of the Geranium maderense rise among the South American Bromeliads, blooming in the undergrowth. On the hill mimosas and gorse shine yellow and cysts and rosemary fill the air with aromatic and pungent fragrances and the blooms of the Echium seem to rival the sea of ​​Forio that peeps out at every glimpse.

The leaves of the Japanese maples and the flowers of the Aloe open, the Leucospermum and the South African Protea open with flowers with fantastic shapes and bright colors; the Brazilian Tabebuia and Erythrina trees bloom, and the air is filled with the scent of orange blossoms. Plants from all over the world meet in the microcosm of the garden to celebrate the return of summer.

And so, thanks to social media, the beauty of nature can be shared and admired together with thousands of users. La Mortella, as known, is not only a garden that brings together precious floral and tree species from all over the tropical world but also a place where nature and music come together in a perfect union.

It is possible to admire the blooms through the Facebook profile of Giardini la Mortella:

Here are some shots.

At the moment, waiting to know what will be the provisions that the Government will put in place to contain the pandemic in the coming weeks, it is not yet possible to establish the reopening date and the procedures for carrying out the traditional concert seasons. The hope of the Walton Foundation is that a reopening will be possible starting from the end of April.

In thanking you for your kind attention, I remain at your complete disposal and wish you all a happy Easter 2021.
See you soon!

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