Health and beauty to the Source of Nitrodi

nitrodi-fonteRomans frequented the source of Nitrodi already two thousand years ago as testify the numerous votive reliefs in marble found here dating back to the period between I century B.C. and III century A.C.

The finds discovered in 1757 and preserved today in the Archaeological Museum of Naples show that by the spring, there was a school of Medical Hydrology with many doctors of that time: Menippus, Aurelius Monnus, Numerius Fabius, etc. The marble reliefs are votive offerings that patients had left to Apollo and his nymphs as gift for healing obtained.
The fame of the source has not been lost and, by vicissitudes, today presents itself in all its former glory, when all over the Roman Empire people flocked to find health, beauty, and converse with the gods and heroes.

Therapeutic features

The Nitrodi Water is classified as mineral hypothermal, bicarbonate-alkaline sulfate and was extensively studied in the late ‘60s by Professor Massimo Mancioli, University La Sapienza of Rome.
The Mancioli’s study, made for mineral water treatments, showed the ‘healing’ effect, anti-inflammatory and particularly beneficial for gastritis, ulcers and stomach acid. For external use, acting on the nutritional processes of tissue with which it comes into contact, there are benefits for treatments of wounds, fistulas, boils, burns, festering wounds, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, eczema.
The natural wellspring of Nitrodi delivers about 12,000 liters of water per hour. The water is delivered through showers, wash basins, fountains without addition of any additive because inside the plant there are only showers, and because the same, after use, is put back in its natural course and thus is no longer reused.
Inside the spa is not permitted to use soaps and/or other cleaning agents, there is no need: after showering the skin is clear, renewed and glowing!

How to use

While staying at the Fountain of the Nitrodi Nymphs, it is recommended to do heavy showers, especially in the beginning it is advisable to remain under the water flow for at least 10 minutes.
The action of the minerals in the water leaves the skin smooth and firm but above all clean, no salt or odorous residues dilating pores and making the skin breathe. The wealth of baking soda and mix of minerals contained in water favour a natural exfoliation removing dead cells. After the shower it is advisable not to wash with soap and/or detergent for a few hours, so do not close again the pores of the skin.
For use in therapy, we suggest you to have a shower for 10-15 minutes (showers or washbasins) and dry under the sun or en plein air. Repeat the cycle times as possible during the day. On hair will be immediately perceived the action of bicarbonate that will make them softer, cleaner and more voluminous: a real “balsam effect”.


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