Serrara, a treasure trove of emotions

s-angeloI often go to Serrara to breathe an ancient atmosphere that reminds me of childhood memories. I look out from the viewpoint to admire the boundless sea, the deep caves inaccessible by rainwater flowing along the walls. I look Sant'Angelo, which was a small fishing village, now a tourist destination of great value.

But I liked it in the early 1960s, when in the narrow and sinuous alleys, along with other Forians and santangiolesi were filmed scenes from the movie "Fox Hunting", whose director was the great Vittorio De Sica.

In recent years  I prefer to admire Sant'Angelo from above, because it has lost its natural beauty and then I like to remember it as it was many years ago.

Serrara, as I said, gives me a sense of well -being because it still offers the opportunity to reflect and daydream while sitting on the bench in the center of the country. Or exploring the narrow streets that lead to the countryside and trails that descend up to the beach of Maronti. It is relaxing to watch those tourists who arrive during summer with the coach, admiring the view of Sant'Angelo and the southern coast, consuming an ice cream or a coffee at Floridia Bar, the only bar in the square, and taking pictures and go away in silence, as they arrived. Even when the place is empty there is never desolation and sadness because with the wonderful scenery we do not feel alone. Sometimes some old man sitting on the benches scattered,  passes the time. At the fountain tourists wash the local fruit bought by Michele and Zi Francesco, who with his cart loaded with every gift of God is always surrounded by groups of visitors. With the elders of the area I often stop to talk because it is as if you were their fellow villager and when they trust, love to tell their life stories, good or bad. They talk as if they would tell fairy tales and go away happy, because they have been heard. They were able to express themselves and rejoice of telling.

When there is wind, I remind the movie titled "Wuthering Heights", and even in summer you have the impression of being in late autumn. But this feeling is nice because wind carries the scent of the earth and the sea, goes away the mist and all around the colors become more alive. Towards evening the noble and majestic palace, located in the center of the country and abandoned for years, and seems to come alive through windows and doors without taxes we have the impression that it is animated by the ghosts that wander between light and shadow in empty rooms and overlook the gloomy windows to admire them the silent and vibrant landscape. Serrara is special and unique, because with its authentic atmosphere still allows us to live like a spell that takes us outside of space and time.


I seek refuge in the world
where the noise ceases,
and the tide drags
fragments of memories.
Burn the log of soul
in the secret box
that withered hands
in the slow swing of memories.
A bird sang
on the skinny branch,
has settled a while.
I entrusted the chest
and has taken off.

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