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Crossing the beauty in a rush

ischia dream run


Running makes me feel baby, the child runs when he is happy, I’m running and I’m happy. Many people ask me why I run without music, I prefer to listen to my body and the feelings I feel running. I prefer to have no distractions, to find the place I walk, living it as protagonist and not as a spectator. I listen to silences, sounds and noises like those of a city that slowly awakes at dawn smelling the smells, such as grass wet after a rain or the aroma of coffee coming out of the house early in the morning.

Every time I am traveling, I bring with me the shoes and usually early in the morning I like to discover or rediscover the place where I am, just running.
After the first youth running, for a long time, in the last years of high school and university, I abandoned sport, and then in 2003 I began to run again to regain a state of form and well-being that in time I was starting to lose. I wanted to continue to feel me young and efficient, and then I began to participate in races of 10 km also to have a goal: to run without purpose did not give me the sufficient motivation to engage with perseverance. In 2004, I sped my first half marathon, from then on in 2007, I sped my first complete marathon, that one of the “Eternal City”, the Rome marathon and for me it was a great success, closing it in 2 hours and 58 minutes. From then to now I ran 17. All races have left me so many feelings and emotions that I feel fueling the enthusiasm and the desire to program the next race, where surely there will be new sensations and new emotions to live!
In this spirit, I am committed, after the last edition held in 2001, to co-organize with Neil MacLeod the return of jogging around the island of Ischia. It will take place on October 25: there are 30 km to race along the roads bordering the green island, with breathtaking views of the sea and hills, vineyards and beaches. The “Ischia Dream Run” (this is the name of the race) will start at nine from the square of Soccorso in Forio and athletes, after running around the island going from the slope of Serrara Fontana, will return to the starting point. The toughest stretch, the climb of about 9 km to the brow in Fontana will be braved immediately: they will have to manage their forces down to Ischia Porto to find themselves in front of the steep of Montevico and to Cavallaro. The dream will be fulfilled at the finish line, in front of the magnificent Church of Soccorso, in a marvelous scenery. At a time in history when the road racing has become mass sport, and sees every tourist and every citizen to link their name to a competition, from the famous New York Marathon to the small Italian town of the province, also our island can go back to having a role of prestige in the national and international jogging.

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Info on Ischia island

  • Surface: 46 Kmq
  • Hight: 789 mt
  • Lat.: 40° 44',82 N
  • Long.: 13° 56',58 E
  • Periplus: 18 miglia
  • Coasts: 51.2 Km
  • Cities: 6
  • Inhabitants: 58.029


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