Aragonese Castle - Saturday 18th September 9 p.m. "Jungle"

Aragonese Castle - Saturday 18th September 9 p.m. "Jungle"

“It is a rainy autumn evening and the central train station in Milan is crowded with commuters returning home from work. In the middle of the crowd, as if invisible, eight – ten young foreign adults of different ages move. They are guided by a man in a long coat of imitation tiger fur, it is Sherekhan the child trafficker.
While the group moves towards the exit one of the children runs into the tunnels of the station, his name is Muli and he doesn’t want to be forced by threats of violence to steal and beg for Sherekhan.
Muli’s jungle is the huge central train station, with its structures, dark and damp tunnels, inside which moves a humanity with different rules of survival where the law of the strongest is the main asset. In this wild context, Muli manages to help his friends, finding true friends which help him to stop Sherekhan,”


The characters of the story are inspired by those from “Jungle Book” a masterpiece by R. Kipling: Baloon a tramp living in the tunnels, Bagheera the panther and Sherekhan the tiger. They are the main characters of the society which confronts different themes, solidarity and indifference, friendship and generousity and courage but also and above all the exploitation of minors, prejudices, discrimination against human rights and those of children.

Starring Roberto Anglisani, already unforgettable protagonist of the play “La Conquista del Cervino”, manages to create with the strength of body and words an emotional tale where images unwind as in an adventure film. This production has received notable success from the public and critics and has been awarded the Premio Enriquez as best show for civil commitment, while Rizzoli has published the script. The idea is part of a project entitled “Storie per il sociale – Teatro Di-Verso” which began in Valle d’Aosta in collaboration which the Department of Health and Social Services.

The prospective? To talk about social problems in an engaging manner, to sensitize and reflect on yet also to communicate solutions already in act and possible courses. Thanks to the communicative potentiality of theatrical language, difficult themes which afflict our society are confronted: children’s rights and diversity, bullying and exploitation of minors. The aim is to capture the public’s attention and create a debate on these themes as the solution to these problems begins from awareness of the problem itself.

“It is my wish to continue with this play – explains Livio Viano – to bring together two different yet close cultures. My collaboration with Nicola Mattera has been very emotional. Our aim was to create a theatrical language which could meld my theatre to his magical Castle. My appreciation for Ischia will never stop.”

Livio Viano
Artistical director at Teatro d’Aosta
Began his education in 1972 at the Theatre of Rome alongside Franco Enriquez and later worked with many important names from Italian theatre: Salvo Randone, Valeria Moriconi, Glauco Mauri, Tino Buazzelli e Giancarlo Cobelli. Founded in 1977 the Teatro d’Aosta (e Teatro de piccoli) and concentrated on a theatre of childhood and youth, preferably working on scripts from young adult literature, interpreting and highlighting the most stimulating and important components. Has lately given ample space to the creation of plays which rediscover and evaluate the cultural heritage of Valdostano, through the presentation of biographies of certain personalities who have characterized indifferent ways the story of Valle d’Aosta.

Roberto Anglisani
Author and actor
Around the middle of the 80s Roberto Anglisani met Marco Baliani and together discovered in the language of theatrical narration, the chance to take advantage of the experience learnt during his studies, on one hand body language and its expression, and on the other senses and that of the internal world of the character. Anglisani gives life to a theatrical narration which is similar to the cinema. The audience are reminded of images by his words and gestures which are as real as in a film.



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