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Andar per cantine ischia anna falchi

There are places in the Mediterranean area where the grape harvest continues to have deep roots in the heart of traditions. It is, certainly, one of the emblems of Ischia, with its September days that release all of their charm and beauty: qualities that are indissolubly connected to the folklore and traditions of an island that has never forgotten its connection with the rites of the earth.

Leaving behind the hectic timing of a summer holiday, the month of September offers to the tourists, but also to the islander eager to learn about its own land, a wide range of initiatives that reveal the authentic side of the island.
While the large sun-kissed hills of September prepare for the collection of ripe grapes and grape growers prepare the wineries for harvest ritual that opens the ninth edition of “Andar per Cantine” (Wine Cellars tour) (info and reservations 081 908 436, www.prolocopanza .com), the successful event organized by the Pro Loco of Panza which shows the most picturesque corners of the island to hundreds of tourists moved by the desire to discover the heritage and culinary antropologic kept in dozens of cellars, turned to be oasis of tranquillity and tradition. Here, time seems to have stopped.

From Crateca Punta Chiarito, from Casa D’Ambra in Pietratorcia, from the vineyard to dell’Encadde Arimei Gardens, passing through Campagnano, the land of Mazzella Cellars, and the most striking private circles dedicated to the god Bacchus that dot the area of ‘ island ports of Ischia cellars will be opened to the curiosity of the visitors from the 18th to the 25th of September. A unique opportunity to experience an immersive journey rediscovering of the ancient rituals of the island, set in bucolic atmosphere where the old cellars built in the green tufa, are surrounded by beautiful vineyards, recalling the curiosity of those who want to rediscover the genuine soul of the island.
The traditional grape harvest is the evidence of an ancient tradition that endures, renewing itself to modern contamination, celebrating, however, the fiftieth anniversary of the first official recognition: in 1966 the Ischia Bianco and Rosso Ischia were in fact assigned the first DOC label in the Region and the second national. Fragments of an agricultural past, which continues to be strong even if the 2,000 hectares of land, are currently become just 300 hectares. The suggestions that can be felt between the rows are unique.

According to an already particularly appreciated by guests plot from “Andar per cantine” (Wine Cellars tour), itineraries designed to enhance the territory will extricate between wild paths and breathtaking views interspersed with wine tastings and guided tours of the oldest wineries of the island of Ischia. Winemakers and farmers, as tradition, will delight visitors with genuine fruit delicacies of the land of Ischia, accompanying them with anecdotes of a past that returns, in the recovery of traditions.
And again: bruschetta with fresh tomatoes, collected from the land, with the visitors who will be accompanied in the heart of the most renowned vineyards of the island, touch with hand the grapes nectar offices, taste wine, the result of past wine harvests.

Starting from Biancolella, an icon of the area of Ischia, moving towards the characteristic Forastera, through the “per e palummo”, the red wine: a variegated kaleidoscope of scents and perfumes, offered to wine enthusiasts who will participate in this new edition of “Wine Cellars tour”.
The event is enriched by excursions to discover the area, through some of the most beautiful trails and probing the genuine flavours of the land of Ischia. A rediscovery followed by the recovery of large hectares of land that until a few years ago seemed destined to be completely abandoned and now, aided by the work of Pro Loco Panza, in recent years seem to be again at the center of care of locals who have understood how important and valuable a piece of land is.

A recovery area that blends well with the reassessment and restructuring of the old wine cellars of the island, reclaimed from brutishness and increasingly sustainable eco tourism destination, precious witnesses of a past in which the wine was one of the main sources of Ischia’s livelihood economic. A driving force for island’s economy. The enhancement of the old wine houses, renovation of traditional tools used to collect and press the grapes, the refurbishing the old cellars, without going to affect the ancient charm, are set within a framework of sustainable economic development for an area that starts from the ground. And from its long history.

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