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From October 4th to 7th the Grand Prix «Isola d’Ischia»

by Graziano Petrucci

The island of Ischia resembles a small continent, but it is also an ideal bridge between land and sea. The huge expanse that surrounds its 46 square kilometers will host a prestigious international sporting event. In Forio, from Thursday 4 to Sunday 7 of October, the appointment is with the World Offshore and Endurance Championships. For three days the town of Forio rises to the capital of international motor boating that has now reached levels like Formula 1.

We await a strong feeling of emotions thanks to an exclusive rendez-vous at the beginning of October that intends to promote the island’s charm just in this transition period between summer and winter. Its western coast will be the scenery of a show full of surprises. The president of the Italian Powerboat Federation, Vincenzo Iaconianni, already in January highlighted the choice of the city of Ischia as a stage to host the World Championship «Endurance B World Championship & V2 World Trophy - Grand Prix “Isola di Ischia” Città di Forio». After the regional committee reporting of Campania, which with its approval has deemed suitable one of the most fascinating places and sea stretches of the South, to host the offshore and endurance races of the world circuit, the idea has been transformed into a concrete project that promises itself with an assured and inviting future. It must be said that the event is one of the most challenging one in the world calendar, especially from the technical and logistics point of view. Malta, Spain, Belgium, Kuwait, France and Italy are the 6 nations at the starting line and about 20 teams will be involved - each team will be composed of at least 10 members between drivers and technicians - who will bring a court of friends and their followers fans, not to mention the enthusiasts and fans of sea cars. In short, there is a scene of one of the most exciting high-speed performances of the “circus of the sea”, set as it is in the scenic nature of one of the most beautiful bays of Ischia.
The estimated number ranges between 200 and 300 people with 15 accommodations that will be involved in the sign of a welcome that promises to be memorable: a perspective that promotes widespread desire of a tourism that does not stop only in the summer months. A winning strategy, and not by chance, was encouraged by the Forio administration, which enthusiastically welcomed the proposal of the Olimpia Monte di Procida S & Y Srl company, owned by the Di Palo brothers, that took on the contagious passion of the organizational burden. Two world titles at stake in this Grand Prix of the sea, for the classes V2 and Endurance B. The race field is the bay of Citara, with the public who can admire the evolution of the hulls able to fly over the water at the speed of 70 miles, even from the ground. It is, therefore, a stage of high sporting value and that at the same time supports a lengthening of the tourist season thanks to the opportunity provided by the international motor boating. If organizing a world championship is never a simple thing it is true that the leitmotif of the circuit will be the intense program, amplified by the impetuous sound of the boats while the hulls cut the sea surface. If the results of flying boats almost unidentified while whizzing at sea are produced by the necessary teamwork within the teams, involving pilots, mechanics, staff and even the press offices, it is undoubted that in an extreme race where speed increases the risk is required extraordinary attention. Special professional abilities, always at the top, are combined with those of the pilots who combine the desire for competition with enthusiasm, merging in the continuous search for perfection in every situation and condition, aiming for the maximum. The gala evening is scheduled on Saturday, October 6th, while the awards and the trophies ceremony is scheduled for the following day, on Sunday, October 7th.

The numbers
20 teams are competing. Each team is made up of about ten people followed by relatives and friends.
The countries involved are Malta, Spain, France, Belgium, Kuwait and Italy.
Approximately 15 hotels are located to host the teams.
The event creates an influx of about 300 fans.
The gala evening is scheduled on Saturday, October 6, 2018
The awards and the trophies ceremony are scheduled on Sunday, October 7, 2018

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Posted: 4 years 2 months ago by Costantinoc #2418
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I really wanna see the offshore championship! I will be traveling around Italy at that time of the year. Some friends told me I could come by Bus.

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