The most ancient Thermae of Ischia: the source of the Nitrodi springs


When history meets a real magic as that of the source of the Ninfe Nitrodi, it's really hard not to be fascinated. In the heart of Buonopane, in the municipality of Barano, the story of the famous source is really long and has always fascinated those who decide to spend a day of relaxation to unwind body and soul.

The water that flows naturally for centuries by several mouths into the rock, now piped to power numerous showers, is hypothermal sulphate alkaline and has always been the subject of numerous literary content dating back to the first century BC. And it was at that time so far away that was the name of the beneficent source, dedicated to the god Apollo and the Nymphs "Nitrodes".
A witness to the long history of the oldest hot springs of Ischia, a series of thirteen marble votive of thanksgiving for the blessings received through these pure waters, discovered in 1757. Eleven of these representations are currently kept in the Archaeological Museum of Naples, another is kept in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg and the last one, perhaps the most representative, is now visible inside the enchanting structure embedded in nature and tells about the roman Doctor Menippo who thanks to this prodigious source, cared for his patients two thousand years ago.
With the latest restructuring of the natural park, which wanted to give greater luster to the history of the place to make it known to all those who reach, customers will enjoy the true source of the nymphs Nitrodi enriched with a large painting depicting god Apollo while playing his harp and two of his nymphs, in the background of this natural paradise, follow him joyful.
The water that flows forth spontaneously from time immemorial is now delivered today totally pure, without the addition of any chemicals, offered to users in the form of numerous showers surrounded by greenery and overlooking the enchanting panorama of the nearby seaside resort of Maronti that extends as far as the eye all around the park. And it is precisely this that makes the Thermae Nitrodi different from all the other realities of Ischia and not only: the absence of pools that, for reasons of hygiene, would necessarily require the use of substances such as chlorine and other detergents, and the presence of partial and full showers with water coming straight from the creeks in the rock. But the water, alone, does not represent that only one of the many elements that make up the thermal park. Unlike many other structures in the area, as the source of the nymphs Nitrodi want to support its clients in a way that is specifically defined hydroaromaterapic. This term is intended to indicate the tremendous synergy that is achieved by taking advantage of all the elements, all-natural, which can be easily found within the park. Here, then, Professor Sollino, creator of the path of well-being, and the director of the facility, Dr. Giuseppe Di Meglio, explain in detail their idea of wellness totally natural. The idea of guiding the visitors in a sensory and holistic way, dive and enjoy nature a bit like a Roman and at the same time find a well being often lost in the daily life.
Not only water to treat and relieve many skin diseases but all other items in the lush vegetation of the park to make a path with other treatments aimed at obtaining a complete comfort, a feeling of renewed energy that pervades the whole body. Lots of herbs and plants that fill the park, from rosemary to mastic, a plant sacred to the gods, from aloe to olive trees through figs, pomegranates, brooms, helichrysum and buckthorn. Each plant can help you in your path to wellness. Such as rosemary, caressed after showering releases its essential oil. This, massaged on the skin when the pores are still dilated, allows to obtain a beneficial effect invigorating and revitalizing. Relax and take care of yourself is really imperative for those who arrive at the source of the Nymphs Nitrodi and to do that the park offers to all its customers, this sensory journey, made of perfumes, showers and flavors. The plants are in fact also used to prepare drinks with local products such as the drink made from aloe, local honey, ice, lemon and mint or some new wellness drink that intuition of professor Sollino and skilful hand of barman Pasquale have just created.
An oasis of peace essential to live a feeling of complete harmony with nature, to find their inner balance and to enjoy a well made things simple but valuable.

by Angela Mattera

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