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Cava Pallarito marks the boundary line between the town of Barano and Serrara Fontana. A place of other times, wild and fascinating, because it has not been distorted by human hands. Over the centuries only nature has transformed the site into a spell of purity and authenticity.
The tall oaks seem to touch the sky and clouds, an abundance of oaks and ashes.

That gorge carved by wind and water erosion is dominated by two high ridges, in one of which in ancient times was dug a cellar that farmers used to put the barrels of wine and the tools of the land. Going up a steep and long staircase there are caves and ravines that at the time served as a shelter for goats, mules and men.

This small kingdom was inherited by Salvatore Di Meglio, who is mason and is proud to have achieved his dream: to transform those environments in a "house museum". For more than fifteen years has been his home, there were born three sons, now adults.

Although fond of that little paradise, he had to leave because it was too wet and cold during the winter. For a long time everything was in a state of disrepair. Only doves, hawks and other birds flew undisturbed around what might be called a small hive. But for about seven years there is new life in the desolate quarry, which for us residents and tourists was only a transit point.
Salvatore with his clear blue eyes peering in depth, spends many hours of the day in the museum. He welcomes the visitor with naturalness and simplicity, speak little and listen much.
In his free time, he carves wood and stone creates so little masterpieces, which affect because they are very primitive in form, seem to belong to a remote world, whose we have lost track. The cellar is full of many tools that belonged to the rural life, small and large objects that are made everyday and we would not be able to admire and even excite touching, if Salvatore had not taken them available to all those who miss the past and our roots. But not only, this is important for the new generations, who must learn that history is made not only of the deeds of men, but also of the objects of which they have used.
The long staircase leads to a terrace overlooking the quarry and the driveway. All around there is silence and the pungent fresh that comes from the gorge through the mountain. In the caves there are still hundreds of tools of a past era, stylized drawings on the walls, that Salvatore has made as smooth stones from the sea.
There is also a tunnel called “The Cave of Fortune”, along which were hung many horseshoes, (the ancients used them against the evil eye), traveling, there is really a feeling of inner purification and positivity.
Other steps carved into the tufa, leading to the top, along the way the bleating of goats coming in and out of the various ravines, accompany the visitor with their eyes, magnetic and mysterious. Although out of breath, the emotion is deep when it comes to the big ridge of the high plateau, at that time one has the impression of having arrived on the roof of the world. The feeling is that the body and spirit, surrounded by wild nature, will rise toward other worlds.
I think the "house museum", with the candor of those who carried it out with such passion and without any pretense, can stimulate to dream, to fantasize, to surprise us. Like children who look at the world through the eyes of innocence.
Free admission.

by Clementina Petroni


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