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It is just when relationships do not seem to go as you hope, when divorces arrive and the family grows, you feel the need to live the fairy tale, like a movie Happy Ending. For my third imagery marriage (unless you’ve lost count, and so must ask for alimony to her ex-husband that I missed), thanks to ...

the advice of Federica’s Nuages Eventi, I’m planning a day on the red carpet, leaving space to film vocation on an island like Ischia, which over the years has hosted film crews and artists from all over the world. One of these is Luchino Visconti that in Forio, Zaro, has his residence, which still holds even his ashes.
The town in the shadow of the Torrione is a must for romantics, with its colorful sunsets of pink and orange, always suggestive, but from time to time, perfect for the grand finale, even more the fireworks.
The Church suggested by Federica, to ride in a chariot, is the Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Montevergine, which is set at an angle before reaching the beach of San Francesco, a few steps from the sea, intimate enough, especially with its baroque style dates from the mid-seventeenth century. Not far from the Tritone hotel where dinner will be prepared and equally close La Colombaia where we will offer drinks and cocktail buffet inspired by the films that have made history, with the projection on the walls of this charming location of an editing of love scenes. A light aperitif served by waiters in livery, to allow my guests to stay and chat and get to know.
Just at this residence, in 2011, Massimo Bottiglieri that manages the Foundation dedicated to the famous director, recalled, in the natural park of the villa, ‘The Leopard’ with the atmosphere of the luxurious rooms of the Prince of Salina: for my wedding, although tempted, I would not dare so much, if it were not for the traditionalists and especially for those who are hostile to disguises, but I would ask for a dress, a suit which would model at the entrance accompanied to the tune of an orchestra that could also propose the waltz by Giuseppe Verdi, why not?
In the modern era in which the invitations coming on DVD and wedding list is online, searchable by Internet users, I’d like to invite guests and relatives via parchment paper closed by the wax seal and made with the ancient amanuensis art, not by me whose handwriting is like chicken scratch.
I’d like photos with sepia effects, just to get into the mood of a timeless era, and my hairstyle signed by Cristian Picasso with hair tied back from the face, considering at least to look like, if only for the Mediterranean colors , the charming Claudia Cardinale.
On the magnificent tables set up for dinner outside the Hotel Tritone, renamed with the names of some beloved films, would stand out dishes that lead the initials of the bride and groom. And the wedding favors? Definitely a creation of ceramic by keramos or Mennella, particularly famous in Ischia, a gift that will last until you throw it at the husband who flees!

Colombaia by Luchino Visconti

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