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When I'm in a waiting room I like to browse old magazines and newspapers, with the hope of recovering the news and gossip or news that I missed. I opened Vanity Fair, as you do with The Big Book of 1,000 responses, and my eyes ended up on an article by Matteo Mafuggi that talks about alternative weddings. I thought: that’s just for me!

A good starting point to know what to do in my fourth, maybe even fifth imaginary wedding.
Be original at all costs, but it can result often out of place. There are those who end up getting married in a small village, super romantic, super exclusive, where to get the church you must calculate at least two hours of walking with grandmother in tow who begs for mercy, even for a few close friends, even though we are two hundred.
The hard wedding season, thinking more about the guests that the newlyweds (theoretically you only get married once, but the invitations can triple exponentially in just one month), it becomes off limits especially because the dates overlap focusing in warmer months. The couple changes, but the clichés are around the corner: there are friends who devote home movie with tearjerker photos, the fried food in Italian style, multi-layer cake designed by Renzo Piano. New story, same dishcloth.
As I read, I was looking for a different way to seal a promise of love to be remembered without insults. A light bulb turns on thinking of Ischia, which is nice to live all year round, especially when the weather is mild, the days long enough to organize all especially in the morning, making full use of the green forests or private villas, as they can advise you on the estate or the wedding planner to organize a nice picnic. Yes I wrote own picnic, free from the patterns of tradition, an eco friendly way, without sacrificing elegance, good for reducing the costs. A suitable choice to avoid making too inflated the structures dedicated to the reception, that despite the excellent welcome, follow the same protocol.
Leaving to each one his own Church, the one where you grew up, without necessarily moving to the other end of the island to change scenery, I would recommend to cross the threshold daring to choosing a dress of pastel colors, short, free from unnecessary trains, with the ballerina flats, especially if your partner is not very high and you want to please him as Carla Bruni with Nicolas Sarkozy. You tell him that it is fashionable!
Invitations transcribed on a dry leaf, ready to be framed, could be the prelude of the atmosphere lived together. Enjoy a day out would do well to even the smallest, free to run and play on the lawn. The attention to detail is always present: imagine a long table laden like in the movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’, outdoors with the sky to act as a ceiling. The charming English-style tablecloths and some pouf, a bit of hippy style for the photo set. While you might think of as a placeholder of the seeds, a special wedding favor for the care that will have your friends and family when newlyweds come back home. Vegetarians and vegans are welcome, all the products will be of the earth! The menu could be inspired by the flavors of our house: cold cuts, the typical vegetables, marmalades, jams, honey, juice of the grape harvest, which the catering may fill up at your request, allowing the taste after snooping in woven baskets, full of good things. A difficult choice, accompanied by the notes of a jazz quartet or a sleek saxophone. Simplicity, how tiring!

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