Cantine Mazzella - Forastera

Three generations, a past full of sacrifices and commitment, this is the story of the Antonio Mazzella cellars. Founded by Nicola in 1940 and expanded and perfected by Antonio, the founder's son.



The incredible story of Cantine Mazzella begins 75 years ago and has been handed down for three generations, since grandfather Nicola began making wine from his own grapes. Harvest after harvest, Nicola transfers his passion and experience to his son Antonio, who dedicates his entire life to the cultivation of the vineyard, to the small family winery and to wine, which has always been the mirror of a territory that is as suited to viticulture as it is impervious. Today, Nicola and Vera, Antonio’s sons, carry out one of the most beautiful oenological projects of the island with pride and professionalism.The company includes about ten hectares, scattered in small plots on steep terraces overlooking the Gulf of Naples and Policastro. The vineyards are reachable only on foot, through ancient paths, the wind is strong, as well as the insolation. The adverse conditions make these wines even more unique because they are the fruit of so much passion and effort.


The Forastera has been verdant on the island of Ischia since the mid-1800s, nothing else is known about the origins of this mysterious grape variety and it is even fooled who brought it to the island. What is clear is that this inscrutable "foreigner" (that is, coming from outside) today is a native vine that has found a perfect acclimatization cradle on the island.
 Cantine Mazzella’s Forastera is a wine whose strength is its balance. The attack is soft and delicate, it is a wine that fills the mouth, fat and rich in pulp. This softness is counterbalanced by a refined acidity and a minerality that fits perfectly in the framework of taste perfection. Everything is supported by a spiral of infinite persistence.
The nose is introduced by an intoxicating herbaceous trail, as the wine warms up, notes of yellow and exotic fruit emerge.
The Forastera is an easy-drinking wine, with a perfect balance, able to fascinate amateurs and to leave experts dumbfounded, because despite the technique retains the charm of mystery, the enigma of a wine whose origins are lost in the night in time.


Characteristics of the wine

Vines: 50% Biancolella 50% Forasteraa
Alcohol: 13%
Ideal combination: raw prawns and oysters carpaccio
Vinification: the whole grapes are de-stemmed and softly pressed. This is followed by a slow fermentation in stainless steel with a stop on the lees for 6 months, then fermented in the bottle for 24 months before disgorging.


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Cantine Mazzella - Forastera Cantine Mazzella - Forastera Three generations, a past full of sacrifices and commitment, this is the story of the Antonio Mazzella cellars. Founded by Nicola in 1940 and expanded...
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