The rebirth of April - Easter 2017

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“The timeless time”
There are places that I want to tell. Where everyone could get lost without going too far from the so-called “civilization” or what seems like modernity but often is just a facade. There are places full of history that resist the erosion of time and are silent witness a battle against these smartest human enemies. “April” as every year offers its own traditions and from Forio “opens up” the journey on the island of Ischia that fills memory with “related” events to resurrection and rebirth thanks to the secular Announcer Angel’s run on the main street on Easter Sunday. Sensations involving the five senses while we decide to walk along the Botanical Giardini Ravino; with fearless ‘Orlando Furioso’ “revisited” by Eduardo Cocciardo, which will be staged at the Polifunzionale; with places full of priceless treasures but especially those places with people who animate them. 

The Confraternity of Santa Maria Visitapoveri of Forio, founded as a congregation back in 1600, founded to fulfill the activities then interrupted service due to the plague, is one of these places but nestled away in time. Once inside we find the benches on the sides of the rectangular nave along with pictures by Alfonso Di Spigna of 1791, the high altar of 1750, the statues of the Risen Christ, the Virgin Mary and St. Giovanni Apostolo from 1756. They are used for the traditional Angel’s run, for centuries now belonging to the Confraternitya along with the tiled floor, the choir and the eighteenth century organ and testify the passage of time but at the same time that time can be defeated. All this “open”, in the month of April, a new opening. Since January, after centuries, it is interrupted a tradition and begins a new one. For the first time on the island of Ischia, the “prior” - who is the first, earlier - after four hundred years is a woman. Her name is Anna Maria Green. Determined, composed, and balanced. I asked some questions. To tell you the places that I want to tell. To give others the chance to tell their stories through the “places” they want to tell. This and much more is Ischia news that “opens” the month of April.

by Graziano Petrucci


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