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Ischia News agosto 2015

We hear so many men and women say the phrase “In love with Ischia.” It may seem clichéd, even exaggerated. Who knows? However, the number of self-affirmed “Ischia Lovers” is much more than one could possibly imagine. The island is stunning, theres beauty with each new day and in every one of her beautiful locations, she has the ability to charm anyone who merely brushes past. Whether her beaches or the hillsides, one cannot help be intrigued by her ancient mysticism, its an aphrodisiacal dimension of her which connects with your senses and envelopes one with joy and nature.

But what happens when the feeling is so strong, that the yearning takes you above and beyond the enjoyment of the vacationing atmosphere, into a state of bliss and enthusiasm? Well, often this yearning inspires one to indulge in some imaginative story-telling. More so, what appeals to us most is that, through the process of finding and testing one’s style and technique, arises the act of creative writing. Much so, in this issue, as we are proud to pay tribute to some of the most masterful examples of creative writing. Il Bracconiere by Gianpaolo Porreca is an emotional tale to model, imprinted amongst the stones of Mount Epomeo: it’s an eulogy to a friendship which is complimented by an extraordinary gift of the passionate competence of Furio Durando, and is dedicated to the future destiny and ideal of the museum, Villa Arbusto. In this issue, we are thrilled to welcome the return of these prestigious narrations to the pages of our magazine, for their powerful influence and originality. On this sensational journey we are joined by Professor Mauro Calise, with a precious memento of the unpublished work of his uncle, the chansonnier of modern Ischia, the fantastic Ugo Calise. And the stream welcomes the anthropological journey through the celebration of Graziano Petrucci; and the immersion in the park takes a look at Aphrodite; or the journey among the characters of unearthed craftmanship with reverence and joy by Gina Menegazzi; and, lastly, the philosophical dream of Raffaele Mirelli with his vision without boundaries. Like us. Like Ischia



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Info on Ischia island

  • Surface: 46 Kmq
  • Hight: 789 mt
  • Lat.: 40° 44',82 N
  • Long.: 13° 56',58 E
  • Periplus: 18 miglia
  • Coasts: 51.2 Km
  • Cities: 6
  • Inhabitants: 58.029


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