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Fresh paccheri with crayfish

Continues to enchant its guests the suggestive location of La Rondinella da Anna. ‘Da Anna’ one can enjoy the original “mosaic of the sea”, an appetizer that is offered to customers “assembled” each time depending on the products supplied to the day, followed by a special main course such as the ‘vermicelli with mussels, lemon and cheese (el chico)’, the ‘Reginella’ and the special “fresh paccheri with lobster!”.
Mosaic of the sea:
The starter is characterized by various baked goods or fried or served raw, dressed with olive oil, parsley and a drizzle of lemon. The salmon stuffed with shrimp, pine nuts and raisins in the oven; octopus salad; croquettes of fresh fish and shrimp fried in almond crust.



Raw and cooked sea

The dish presented by young chef Giovangiuseppe Solmonese, consists of contrasting flavors, united by the unique scent of the local citrus.

+ 1 Scallop
+ 1 lobster



Pappardelle with rabbit sauce and porcini

As the name anticipates, La Casereccia promotes real local cuisine of the island with traditional dishes. Rustic atmosphere but with a sense of elegance. The menu of October the restaurant is a seasonal menu made from fresh and genuine products such as mushrooms, beans, pumpkins... in short, a menu for the fall never to bore the customers!
To entertain the guests are always innovative recipes by Mamma Tina as the pappardelle with mushrooms and rabbit!

+ garlic
+ oil



Orecchiette mussel and broccoli

An oasis in the magic that enchants with its atypical position overlooking the bay of Sorgeto.
Place of total relaxation for those seeking peace and quiet without renouncing to admire the beauty of the island of Ischia.
To enrich the whole cannot miss a cuisine full of flavors that the typical Chairito Restaurant can expertly offer.
In short, a place to discover and visit without a doubt!

+ 400g orecchiette
+ 2 bundles of broccoli
+ 200 grams of clams



Sandwich of surmullet

If you want to taste some dishes from the innovative, original and special flavor thanks to unique bond never together one has to rely make reference to the inventiveness of chef Domenico at Oasis restaurant, who, as an orchestra conductor, directing his dishes in a symphony simply perfect.

At Oasis also comes a great new feature that ties a refined style to a ‘fishing’ one: the “fish counter”, with the exposure of the catch of the day so that customers can choose their plate ‘live’!
Even a simple dish like a sandwich becomes a masterpiece of fine taste!



Pizza a metro

The pizza a metro, unique in its flavors, thanks to the skill of pizza-maker Antonella, is the specialty of Pizzeria Catarì. It can be enjoyed by 3 or 4 people and allows multiple combinations of flavors that will delight the palate.

+ 750g of pizza dough
· ‘Rustica’:
+ Parisian Cream
+ mozzarella
+ Roasted Artichokes



Linguine with lemon and appetizer of raw

Flavors that come together in a harmonious union is the prerogative of Il Fortino restaurant, overlooking the sea and offering dishes with fresh ingredients.
A simple but refined cuisine with innovative flavors thanks to the inventiveness of 3 young chef Armando Gaetano and Emanuele who, guided by the experience of chef Peppe, will delight the curious palates served by Juan!

raw oysters and prawns
+ 1 lemon grated equal to 8g



Penne with vegetables

A rustic and family atmosphere with thousands of objects that adorn the room and give it that rural touch to the whole. Thanks also to the liking of owner Francesco who, with his good humor, cheers up the evenings of guests who choose the Bellavista restaurant to taste dishes made with unique and genuine products of vegetable gardens as the delicious “penne with vegetables”.

+ diced zucchini
+ eggplant
+ peppers


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