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Ristorante Corbaro 7910

The last summer trace

Corbaro Park is not only a restaurant but a magical ecosystem where nature reigns supreme. The restaurant is located in Corbaro, on Monte Toppo and overlooks the suggestive Bay of Sirens in Forio. The environment is the fusion of various styles that coexist in a sober harmony of elements tied to a rustic matrix and embellished by Chabby touches. Genuine cuisine reflects the style of the farm, rich in peasant farms, but with innovative hints. You can enjoy a demonstration of the preparation of goat cheese from the flock present at Corbaro Park. The plate offered in October has nostalgic characters, projected to autumn, but looking to the summer just passed.


Ristorante bracconiere 7827

Suckling pig with lettuce salad , carrots and eggplant with orange mayonnaise

We are on the roof of the Island and we aim to South, altitude and sun benefits for the surrounding vineyards and spirit. The entrance to the restaurant is paved by a foretaste show of “Capri, vineyards and Pontine Islands”. The kitchen is exquisitely earthy and is served in a setting reminiscent of the old peasant culture, in a sober frame of Tufo and Wood, reconsidering the cliché that Ischia is marked only by a sea gastronomy.


Ristorante da Gisella 7799

Rusty basket with zucchini

Sorgeto bay, renowned for its own healing springs, keeps a pleasant surprise, just a few “steps” from the source. This is the Ristorante da Gisella, a temple of genuine cuisine. The team is female and the key words of Angela, Gisella and Giovanna are hospitality and generosity. The cuisine is a traditional design with novelty that make each dish very original. The dish offered in October is a pleasant creation to feed fantasy!


Ristorante Coco 7847

The sweet ideas by Nicoletta da Cocò

Nicoletta is very interested in cooking and Ischia Island. She combines her two great passions by creating dishes inspired by the Green Island. She shows us her last two creations, a revision of the Caprese inspired by the typical stone of the island: the Green Tufa. How to create Green Tufa dessert at home? It is easy!



corbaro park piatto

Casereccia con Pesto di Pistacchi e Fichi Profumati ai fiori di Finocchietto selvatico

Corbaro Park non è solo un ristorante ma un ecosistema magico in cui la natura regna sovrana. Il Ristorante si trova in località Corbaro, sul Monte Toppo e affaccia sulla suggestiva Baia delle Sirene a Forio. L’ambiente è la fusione di vari stili che coesistono in una sobria armonia di elementi legati da una matrice rustica e impreziosita da tocchi Chabby. La cucina genuina, rispecchia lo stile del locale, ricca di retaggi contadini ma con delle punte d’innovazione. È possibile assistere ad una dimostrazione della preparazione dei formaggi di capra del gregge presente proprio a Corbaro Park.



zi carmela

Homemade Spaghetti with seafood , yellow cherry tomatoes and green chilies

The Elia family is dedicated to the enhancement of the culinary tradition of Ischia for half century and pursues always the way of authenticity and quality. The goodness of the dishes is enhanced by extensive food and wine pairings, thanks to the expert guidance of Carmine and a rich “wine list”. The Zi Carmela restaurant has a spectacular view of the sea, a short distance away from the port of Forio.



+ yellow tomatoes

+ green peppers

+ white wine

+ oil, garlic

+ pepper




La Casereccia Ischia 7547

Seafood paccheri

The name tells the essence: “Casereccia” is definitely a restaurant where the cuisine triumphs along with love for the genuine products. Starting from pasta, strictly homemade by Mamma Tina as “pici”, the semolina gnocchi, pappardelle and scialatielli; the dishes are created from what offers the vegetable garden according to the season. Oil, jam, honey and canned tomatoes, all fantastically self-made. The restaurant offers, in addition to the purely traditional cuisine, delicious dishes such as this one presented by Mamma Tina: Method: Simmer in a pan oil and garlic, brown the shrimp, add squid and tattlers, in the last mussel clams and steam with wine. Add some cherry tomatoes. Once the paccheri has been drained, sauté and add just a sprinkle of pepper.



+ squid

+ tattlers

+ mussels

+ cherry tomatoes

+ parsley

+ white wine garlic and oil




Pizzeria Catari Ischia 6887

Whole Pizza with two cherry tomatoes

Pizzeria Catarì, honour of Granny Catherine, is a well balanced mix of tradition and innovation, an eulogy to authenticity, attention in the preparation of the 24h rising dough, delightful stuffing that move from classic recipes to original reinterpretations are a guarantee for those who want to spend a tasty and light evening. The restaurant has an internal room and a garden, for relaxing evenings.


whole dough of 250 gr

+ yellow and red cherry tomatoes

+ Bufala Dop mozzarella

+ extra virgin olive oil




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