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scialatielli vongole

Scialatielli vongole e fiori di zucca

Il ristorante- pizzeria “ La Casereccia “ situato nel comune di Forio è un classico esempio di perfetto connubio tra cucina di terra e mare ; la ricetta a seguire, non a caso, ne è una prova. Riconosciuto come uno dei migliori rappresentanti della cucina “ Foriana “, la gentilezza e la disponibilità dello staff capitanato dal signor Giuseppe vi accoglierà e saprà farvi sentire come a casa. Il ristorante gode di tante comodità, come un ampio parcheggio interno e ampi spazi esterni dove trascorrere una piacevolissima serata.

+ Scialatielli
+ vongole
+ fiori di zucca
+ vino bianco
+ olio
+ aglio
+ prezzemolo


ristorante ZiCarmela 7359

Vermicelloni with raw seafood

In a privileged position in the town center of Forio, the “Zi Carmela” restaurant offers guests a wide selection of seafood dishes. The use of raw materials of high quality make the “Zi Carmela” the suitable place to discover the true and genuine flavor of the sea. In the following recipe, the seafood and tuna crudités are expertly prepared so that the taste of the sea remains unchanged that, otherwise, would tend to get lost during cooking.    

+ crustaceans (shrimps and prawns)
+ tuna tartare or yellowtail
+ sea urchin pulp
+ lemon peel
+ olive oil and vermicelloni


Ristorante Umberto 7580

Chocolate aubergine pie

Sunday of October in Forio, with a great languor in the stomach and an unquenchable desire, almost a whim: eating well, but overlooking the sea. With this background, choosing the legendary Umberto a mare restaurant is necessary, a story of kindness served for 80 years on one of the most beautiful terraces of Italy. It is always a thrill to sit at those tables one-step away from the blue, where the color of the sky merges with the sea and there is the unmistakable silhouette of the church of Soccorso to dominate everything with its magic. In addition, the style of Umberto a mare that combines the atmosphere and the food, the spirit of anyone wants to come and visit it.

+ Eggplants
+ cinnamon
+ candied fruit
+ extra bitter chocolate
+ sponge cake
+ lemon
+ whipped cream
+ sugar


Ristorante Coco 7565

Mezze maniche with eggplant pesto and clams

A paradise inside paradise. This is the “Coco a mare” restaurant, strategically located in the picturesque bay of Cartaromana from which the spectator is spoiled for choice, ranging from nearby rocks of St. Anna, the imposing Aragonese castle up to the island Procida in the distance. This paradise can be reached by land or by comfortable boats that leave from Ischia Ponte. The cuisine is characterized by the refinement of the dishes and the simplicity of raw materials.

+ mezze maniche
+ oil
+ garlic
+ eggplant
+ clams
+ pepper


linguine ai ricci di mare

Linguine with genovese sauce, sea urchins, red shrimp and mullet

The "Chiarito" restaurant: an exclusive location with just 25 places to spend the most important events or a romantic evening by candlelight with a backdrop of the enchanting village of Sant’ Angelo. Besides the extensive à la carte menu particularly recommended are the tasting menu based on products of the farm and on the creativity of chef Giovangiuseppe Solmonese who will surprise you with a welcome entrée, a pre-dessert and pampering final.

+ linguine
+ fresh shrimp red
+ fresh onion
+ sea urchins
+ mullet
+ brandy
+ lemon
+ basil
+ salt
+ oil
+ garlic
+ pepper


gnocchi alici e pecorino

Gnocchi anchovies and cheese

There is no better place on the island of Ischia as "Coco" restaurant to admire the imposing Aragonese castle and at the same time enjoy the delicacies of the Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant is located a few steps from the sea in the heart of Ischia Ponte, and has a large indoor and outdoor dining room. The specialties to try are many, and are certainly those of the sea, such as the following recipe; an old family recipe that the owner wanted us to reveal…

+ Fresh anchovies
+ homemade flour dumplings
+ cherry tomatoes
+ parmesan or pecorino cheese
+ garlic
+ oil


Antipasto dell'orto

Garden starter

Completely immersed in the countryside and surrounded by orchards and vineyards, the "Bellavista" restaurant presents itself to visitors as a former home country, where one can discover authentic flavors. Taste a tomato or eggplant caught in the nearby garden is definitely a must-see experience that allows to know the taste of authenticity. Especially it is recommended to vegetarians and all those who prefer healthy eating.

+ zucchini
+ mushrooms
+ peppers
+ eggplants
+ green beans
+ peppers
+ broccoli
+ mint
+ carrots
+ cabbage
+ tomato
+ saffron
+ vinegar and oil
+ garlic


oasis expo

Oasis Expo

A place where music surrounds you, where the deep blue sea catches your eye, where a wide selection of dishes involving the 5 senses for smell and taste.

+ Kamut spaghetti
+ Mediterranean amberjack


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