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Linguine with prawns

In the fairy-tale setting of Ischia Ponte is set the Cocò restaurant, where you can relax enjoying the sea breeze in the beautiful setting of the Aragonese Castle of Ischia.
An intimate and welcoming atmosphere where you can taste a variety of goodness created by the combination of land and sea.

+ oil
+ salt
+ chili pepper
+ red prawns
+ tomatoes



Summer treat

A dream location between sea and sky overlooking the bay of Sorgeto, Da Gisella Restaurant is the perfect stop for those who want to escape from routine and dedicate themselves to peace of mind savoring dishes, unique, fresh and genuine of the beautiful Ischia! A must is fresh Scialatielli in sauce with all the flavor of sea and land, into a single union. A dish that underlines the freshness of the summer season, bright colors thanks to the fresh ingredients that make the dish rich... in short, a real “summer treat”!




Fettuccine with squid

As you can guess from the location on the beach, at the restaurant ‘Il Delfino’ stands out the sea.
In the bay of Lacco Ameno with the typical rock ‘Fungo’ as background, we find a perfect setting to enjoy one of the special dishes expertly prepared by chef and owner Mimì. A dish typically Mediterranean, with intoxicating aroma that fills the palate of taste of the Ischia’ sea thanks to the richness of the fish absolutely fresh!

+ oil
+ salt
+ garlic



Paccheri with squid

Tonight we’re having dinner with friends at Zi Carmela Restaurant. Chef Nicola likes to use this slogan to make the idea of her kitchen: made with the heart, trying to re-create the right environment to make everyone feel at home. The dishes combine the freshness of the selection process, always trying to maintain the simplicity of the products. The ultimate importance is given naturally to the taste and flavor.

+ 320 grams of Paccheri pasta
+ 1 kg of fresh squid
+ a handful of cherry tomatoes of Ischia
+ garlic



Pasta with potatoes in a bread crust

For a unique experience on the slopes of Mount Epomeo, you cannot help but stop at ‘Il Bracconiere’. A rustic atmosphere is the backdrop to one of the most original dishes of the island by the skilful hands of chef Leonardo and Giovanni. This dish, with innovative design, it is the right choice for the most curious palates to taste only on reservation!

+ a base of onion
+ celery and bacon
+ extra virgin olive oil
+ red skin potatoes



Ravioli alla Casereccia

Surrounded by greenery rises ‘La Casereccia’. A local in rustic style but with a sense of elegance. Specialty of the menu is the seasonality that features the most delicious dishes with seasonal products. A delicacy not to be missed are the homemade ravioli: a seduction for the palate!

For the dough:
+ caciotta sheep
+ eggs
+ parmesan
+ marjoram



Linguine with squid and green chillies

Non so chi diceva che il digiuno guarisce le malattie, scaccia i demoni, espelle i cattivi pensieri e purifica il cuore. Bisogna essere belli ad ogni costo, quasi a creare l’assioma: ‘magrezza uguale purezza’ ma l’appetito e IL desiderio sono due facce della stessa medaglia quindi cedere alla tentazione diventa quasi un ‘must’ di fronte ai piatti della bravissima chef Libera!

+ 600 gr totani
+ 200 gr. peperoncini verdi
+ 200 gr pomodorini datterini
+ aglio, olio e basilico q.b.



Linguine calamarelle and fresh peas

Each dish has its season! This is the key concept that chef Domenico, guest in the program "casa alice" broadcast on Sky, adopts for the creation of his dishes. Thanks to the ingredients always fresh and genuine he will be able to delight the most demanding palates.

+ 80g of linguine
+ 150g fresh peas of which 50g whole and the remainders blanched and smoothies
+ 2 sprigs of mint and 1 julienne inside the cream
+ 2 cherry tomatoes cut into strips
+ Salt, pepper


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