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Tartufon Pizza

Tartufon Pizza

Pizzeria Catarì, honour of Granny Catherine, is a well balanced mix of tradition and innovation, an eulogy to authenticity, attention in the preparation of the 24h rising dough, delightful stuffing that move from classic recipes to original reinterpretations are a guarantee for those who want to spend a tasty and light evening. The restaurant has an internal room and a garden, for relaxing evenings.


Dough 250 g.

+ Black Truffle Cream

+ Mozzarella cheese

+ Sausage

+ Jowl Bacon

+ Parmesa

+ Extra virgin olive oil



Spaghetti with "Ischitan anchovies", capers from Pantelleria, crumbs of bread and lemon zest

Spaghetti with "Ischitan anchovies", capers from Pantelleria, crumbs of bread and lemon zest

Eden Garden Restaurant is a particular place, where the excellent cuisine and a unique and spectacular view, seem to form the texture for a perfect picture that delights senses. The view over the Bay of Cartaromana, “governed” by the Aragonese Castle and the distant profiles of Vesuvius, Sorrento and Capri amplify the taste of an impeccable cuisine, the result of a “reinterpretation” of typical recipes of the Mediterranean tradition. A rare pearl is represented by the cellar, stocked with fine wines and available in the best years.


+ Spaghetti

+ "Anchovies"

+ Breadcrumbs

+ Lemon zest

+ Capers and Parsley

White Wine 

+ Parmesan and Olive Oil



Spaghetti of zucchini, praws and swordfish

Spaghetti of zucchini, praws and swordfish

The famous Sorgeto Bay for its curative springs, hides a pleasant surprise, just a few “steps” from the source. This is the restaurant Da Gisella, temple of free and sincere cuisine. The èquipe is completely female and the words-key that are the basis of Angela, Gisella and Giovanna are: hospitality and generosity. The cuisine has a traditional style with gusts of innovations that make each dish unique and original.


+ Spaghetti of Zucchini

+ Shrimps

+ Swordfish

+ Garlic and Olive Oil

+ Pine Nuts

+ Prosecco

+ Parmesan and Mint



Paccheri with zucchini flowers, shrimps and red snapper

Paccheri with zucchini flowers, shrimps and red snapper

In the suggestive Citara Bay is set the Lido Bagno Viola, a bathing platform offering a unique show on the famous Forian sunset. Good music, sun beds and umbrellas colorful reproduce a typical setting of the summers in the ‘60s. To delight the palate, the restaurant serves tasty dishes, tied to tradition but marked by flashes of originality to be enjoyed just a few steps from the sea in a relaxing setting.

+ Red snapper
Zucchini Flowers
+ Garlic
+ Paccheri



Cefalo dei Maronti aromatizzato al limone con millefoglie di patate

Mullet from Maronti flavored with lemon and potato mille-feuille

It is a strictly link between the restaurant Da Ida and the Maronti beach, for more than fifty years. The cuisine since the dawn in traditional style, has a character of experimenting today thanks to the ingenuity of Angelo Pesce, young chef of the maison, the “change of course” actually has a most ancient and traditional taste, evolution consists of “a return to the past” concerning the recovery of local products enhanced by the use of equipment and techniques which respect and enrich, at best, the matrix of each raw material.

+ Mullet
+ Lemon peel
+ Potatoes
+ Cream
+ Olive oil and breadcrumbs  



spaghetti orata

Spaghetti with sea bream colored and scented of lemon

The town of Forio with its port, the church of Soccorso, the crystal clear waters of the bay of San Francesco are always admired in all their beauty from the seaside terrace of the bar restaurant “ Il Fortino”. In addition, the experience is even more enjoyable if one of the dishes that the chef prepares every day with care and passion accompanies it. The following recipe reveals to those who taste the true essence of the sea, which goes perfectly with the sour notes of lemon.

+ Bream
+ spaghetti
+ lemon (zest)
+ oil
+ salt
+ parsley


scialatielli vongole

Scialatielli clams and pumpkin flowers

The “Casereccia” restaurant-pizzeria located in the municipality of Forio is a classic example of the perfect combination of cuisine between land and sea; the recipe to follow, not surprisingly, is a proof. Recognized as one of the best representatives of the Forian cuisine, the kindness and helpfulness of the staff headed by Mr. Giuseppe will welcome you and will make you feel at home. The restaurant has many amenities, such as ample parking inside and wide open spaces where you can spend a pleasant evening.

+ Scialatielli
+ clams
+ zucchini flowers
+ white wine
+ olive oil
+ garlic
+ parsley


Scapriccio Piperna 6919

The Piperna

After a long career in the restaurant business, Mr. Peppe of the “Scapricciatiello” restaurant opens with his son Christian in the square of Fontana the “Scapriccio Bistrot” which also includes a wine bar upstairs. It is possible to find local wines and liqueurs such as limoncello, rocket salad, melon cream and an assortment of biscuits, chocolates and handmade pottery designed by Mr. Peppe himself. However, the real gem is the tasting of their specialties: the Piperna, a bitter derived from the plant that has the distinction of flourishing on the island of Ischia and which here is served in small and tasty glasses of chocolate.

+ Piperna
+ alcool
+ sugar
+ water
+ and ... a secret ingredient!


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