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In Ischia there are most beautiful walks, more shadows, more comfort, and what is not negligible even a better society than Capri!

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Ischia is a jewel of many facets. In every corner of this paradise we can enjoy beautiful scenery and rediscover nature in all its glory. Centuries of rural life, have sailed on hills and slopes, hiking trails in the past by illustrious guests of the island of Ischia.

Real treaties have been written about the healing waters of Ischia, famous since Roman times, describing minutely, the splendor of the landscapes, forests and gardens of the island. Letters and poems, told about delightful days spent in residence at Ischia, who frequented by visitors, leaving traces of a charming environment, to be rediscovered retracing the paths of the past.

Moving away from the more civilized zone of the island, we discover, through old paths, an oasis of natural beauty and unique pieces of land, cultivated still with lives and the same techniques of one thousand, two thousand years ago. The cellars dug into the soft green tufa, the famous parracine, support the terraces along the slopes of the mountain, and are the only traces left by man over centuries of coexistence with the land.

It is recommended to turn to skilled local guides, or recommendations of the islanders who love nature, is still the best way to discover and experience the beauty of the green island. If, then, we cannot find anyone, please contact us, the Ischia.it editing, we will able to fulfill every your desire.

The gardens and pine woods of the island of Ischia

The morphology of its territory, sometimes flat, sometimes hilly and mountainous, the different volcanic eruptions, the heat of the hot springs, the central location and the slender shape of Epomeo, have favored the changes of the island flora, dramatically, depending on exposure and the nature of the soil.

All islanders know, the fortunes of landowners of areas of Citara and Maronti. Real basins of gold, for the high productivity of its land and the local microclimate, largely due to the warm subsurface aquifers that allowed a great fruit and vegetable production and a previous maturation, the so-called first fruits, providing exceptional gains .

Two different volcanic eruptions, the first from the crater of “Caccaviello” has created the hill of Zaro, to the north of the border town of Forio, a large area of granite rock, with a vegetation of Mediterranean oaks and a very lush Mediterranean vegetation. For nature lovers, a must is surely the visit to chestnut trees of Mount Epomeo, Frassitelli wood, hiking along the paths of the lizard, and a walk to Cretaio and Piano Liguori and much more that you will find very detailed in our website.

The green slopes of Mount Epomeo and the hills below, the slopes to the north east and north west of the island, are covered by evergreen forests of oak, typical of the Mediterranean and the seasonal colors of chestnut. In the shadow of these magnificent forests has developed a rich underwood, depending on the season of mushrooms, chestnuts, wild asparagus and herbs, once the essential elements of the local cuisine.

Not to be missed for lovers of outdoor excursions, a beautiful walk along the Mediterranean maquis of Zaro, where the green foliage of the trees come into direct contact with the sea and the woods of Cretaio and Falanga, along the green slopes of Mount Epomeo.

Eastern North Slope on the island, in the cities of Ischia, Casamicciola Terme and Barano, the hills and valleys at the foot of Mount Epomeo, in places are covered by tall trees and green foliage of the pine trees.

The last lava flow occurred in 1302 devastated the entire island’s north-eastern part by making its look bleak, so that the entire area was called by the islanders ‘Arso’. Five centuries later (1850) King Francis I summoned the botanist Giovanni Gussone to plant the lava flow from the eruption of the Arso with a luxuriant pine forest. The chosen varieties were the conifers, undemanding plants, especially the pine (Pinus pinea L.). Later in the shadow of this pine trees grew a set of typical shrubs of the Mediterranean environment. They found a really ideal habitats, so their shape is so beautiful and lush as unique.

There are several public parks and gardens built under the shade of the pines, a must for leisurely walks with the kids and for relax moments.


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Info on Ischia island

  • Surface: 46 Kmq
  • Hight: 789 mt
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