Wine Festival

Forio from 04/11 to 30/11
We wanted to celebrate. And feast was, that one of the peasant, true, with the new wine flowed, the burning embers to roast chestnuts and toasted bread with tomatoes and olive oil, the tarantella - and not only - ballad rhythm guitar and piano. And then beans and pizzas for everyone: each, up the short steep climb to get to the cave-cellar, carrying something, like the Magi, because the party was not just the wine.
The Pietratorcia company that stretches its vineyards between Forio and Panza, in a sunny location close to Mount Epomeo overlooking the lighthouse at Punta Imperatore, has called across the country, the islanders and friends to tap wine again this year promises to be excellent.
It’ s an event that now takes place every year in the summer of S. Martin, when all must becomes wine' and more and more manufacturers, growers, but especially those who love the new wine - that perhaps can still be defined, but that brings joy and happiness - that do not want to miss this opportunity offered by the generosity of the Pietratorcia Cellars.
And here's the first drink that is greeted with applause: ruby red with violet hues, fruity with hints of raspberry and blueberry, transparent, fresh, new wine Pietratorcia is ideal for white meats and soft cheeses
"It 's very good, and this year the harvest was abundant", say in unison Vito Verde, president of the comapany, Vito Iacono and Bartolo Regine that, together with their families are working to ensure a quality product, which has crossed national borders.
But before you begin the feast, a time of thanksgiving and meditation with the blessing of Father Augustine, who invites all to pray, while waves of friends continue to fill the space set up buffet: beams covered with tablecloths placed on piles of boxes accommodate the many delicacies that some peasant women in costume carry on their heads in baskets, in the manner of a time, including large steel vats and equipment in a band, quickly passed from the classic Neapolitan song to disco music. Then the joy given by the wine and the products of the countryside makes everyone wild, young and old, grandparents and grandchildren, dances, late night ...
In short, old and new, tradition and innovation, in the name of friendship and wine.

by Alessandra Giordano

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