Saint Restituta

Lacco Ameno from 16/05 to 18/05
The feast of Santa Restituta is a religious celebration, which takes place in the month of May, 16-18. The streets are decorated with lights, there are dozens stalls with peanuts, nougat, games and much more.
For young people is prepared an area of the country with various rides that remain for a whole month. The first day of the celebrations, on May 16 of each year, in the Bay of San Montano takes place and the representation of the martyrdom and landing of the Saint in Lacco Ameno. According to legend, it was on May 16 of the year 284, the young Restituta claimed to worship God and refused to pronounce the name of Jupiter, was put in prison. After another examination and refusal to bow to the majesty of the Gods, she was sentenced to be flogged and cruelly placed in a boat, filled with pitch and oakum and left to sink into the depths of the sea. At execution of the sentence something incredible happened, the flames rushed the vessel of the executioners, saving the boat in which was placed the body of Restituta, there appeared an angel of the Lord who pushed the boat in the bay of San Montano, on the island Ischia.
The matron Lucina, awakened by the Angel, went on the site and was surprised in front of such an extraordinary show. Returned to the country and to rally the people shouting: "A boat without sails and without oars came to our land. On Boat holy body of a virgin martyr. Women, men, priests, come! Come to contemplate the Lord’s gift ".
Landing, a wooden statue of the saint, adorned with many precious objects that were offered, is carried in procession from the bay to the church.
On May 17, the Saint is carried by sea by ferry, the boat starts from the jetty of Lacco Ameno towards Punta Caruso, where it made and continues to Casamicciola. Landing is greeted by fireworks, as faithful and participants and priests from all over the island. The bishop, in Piazza Marina, a speech to the faithful and gives the blessing with the relic of the Saint. Continues the procession to reach the Basilica of Santa Restituta.
On May 18, the Saint is carried in procession through the city streets. At midnight, the sky is lit by the rich fireworks concluding the celebration of the Saint.
During the evenings of holiday music, bands and singers, is echoed in the square outside the church, and it's great to walk in under the colorful lights and among the numerous people involved in the party.

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