The Angel's run

Forio at Easter
The Angel’s run, takes place in Forio, an ancient tradition dating back to the distant 1600. It’s a holy representation that plays the moment of encounter with the risen son of the Virgin Mary. The event is organized by Arciconfraternita of Forio, guardian of the four statues that carry on their shoulders in procession, by tradition, always by the same families for an unwritten law that has been passed down from father to son, and many times because of disputes between lit the families to claim the same.
The statues represented in the procession are: Madonna, the Risen Christ, St. John the Apostle and the Angel. The first three ones were carved in wood by an artisan from Naples between 1756 and 1757, while the Angel was sculpted by Vincenzo Mollica and covered with gold leaf.
On Easter morning, before the start of the procession, the Madonna, with a white veil over her face, and St. John are placed at the crossroads of the main course of Forio. Christ and the Angel at the end of the Mass, go in procession to form a small procession with the standard blue and white plume of ostrich feathers, the cross of the brotherhood and the clergy.
Arrived near the fountain, a choir, made up of powerful voices from the fishermen and the people turning to the risen Christ, sing the "Regina Coeli", thus beginning the function. The Angel makes three bows to the risen Christ and runs to the Virgin Mary to announce the resurrection of his son, arrived at the crossroads repeats the Regina Coeli, by the farmers and the people, at the end of the Angel bowing three times to the Virgin Mary and runs towards Christ. All this is repeated for three times. The last race of the Angel stops under the bell tower of the church of Santa Maria di Loreto and the Madonna and St. John make their way over to reach the statue of Christ. Half way you slide the veil from the face of the Madonna, in representation of the vision of the Son, and the whole course is filled with flower petals thrown from the balconies in a blaze of chants and cheers.
By tradition, the one who brings the plume in procession, must lower it three times without touching the feathers on the ground, so you do not lose the right to lead the pernacchio the next processions.

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